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SOMERSET, N.J., Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GigArena LLC has launched, The New Jersey Marijuana Database, in support of the upcoming legalization of marijuana in New Jersey, to provide assistance through a public platform with information regarding licensed marijuana businesses in New Jersey. The platform will feature areas dedicated to each class of license along with business details and more relevant information useful to businesses and consumers in the industry.

Currently medical marijuana users struggle with a lack of information and support from the community including a lack of knowledge regarding dispensary operations, products and more. With the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, a further strain on customers is to be expected with an abundance of businesses, products, services and new consumers. Furthermore, with the introduction of microbusinesses for recreational marijuana licenses in New Jersey, and more product and service options to choose from, consumers and businesses will have much to sort through. aims to provide a public platform to help users view products and services provided by licensed marijuana businesses in New Jersey. Once a licensed business is onboarded through our team, they are able to keep us updated on product and service offerings. Consumers will be able to view all relevant information businesses provide through this process.

Furthermore, licensed marijuana businesses in New Jersey can benefit from a public platform detailing operations of other licensed businesses, to further grow their business landscape. onboards businesses with the help of a dedicated and passionate team, ready to keep in contact with businesses and make sure business details are kept updated. is currently maintained without any fees or membership requirements, and supported through GigArena resources.

GigArena is wholly operated by 3 New Jersians who have a passion and dedication for improving the marijuana industry in New Jersey. is owned and operated by GigArena LLC.

GigArena also owns and operates, an education platform geared towards improving the industry. is an educational platform for learning how to grow marijuana safely and correctly. Contact information:

Yash Kothari – Media Liaison

Phone: 9084107281


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