Florida's leaders have high hopes for legal recreational marijuana in 2020

Multiple efforts are underway to make legalized recreational marijuana a key issue in Florida next year. There are a handful of organizations working to get the …


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  2. They have to pass the recreation bill into law. It costs $275 every 7 months. The price of the medicine is through the roof. Poor people go to jail for medicating while the rich puff away, shame!

  3. Fully legal means I can grow pot in my backyard, anything less than that is not fully legal, my wife has multiple sclerosis and I can't afford these exorbitant prices that the Florida dispensaries charge, they should be ashamed of themselves charging sick people ridiculously high prices.

  4. That is mess up they're taken it away from the people and the one with deep pockets is making sure we can't get in but as long as it is legal I will be growing my own business I don't trust big business when it's come to that even food and water because of GMO what you think is next if they get in on this

  5. Before we got legal in Cali, there was lots of hype, trying to scare people. Tales of stoned drivers, dentists etc. Guess what happened when it became legal? Not much really. No large increase in dui's, no stoned doctors making mistakes, literally no difference, except the cops could concentrate on real crime.

  6. The old Alcoholics want their drug, which destroys more lives and families than all pot users in the world combined, yet denies other Americans their god given rights to seek out pleasures. They are such hypocrites. As American we should be able to do what ever we like as long as you don't harm others.

  7. Must be nice. We have jack holes like Jeff Sessions in my state. Sure would help my many problems to have a medication that doesn't destroy my single kidney.

  8. It’s only a matter of time for the government Tax the growing supplier for any illnesses that could occur just the same as tobacco tobacco companies were and are still paying millions of dollars each year to the government to sell their product if the government does piece of the pie like they do with tobacco you’re going to see a different change it’s all about the moneyAnd that rather not have anyone in jail costing $35,000 a year for one joint very hypocritical government we have not just to do with old young the government has no money needs to make money

  9. If only people knew that the reason those old Republicans are opposed to marijuana legalization isn't because they have a moral issue with it. It's because they have ties to the mob/criminals that are selling it on the street and they want to limit the competition in order to maintain their profits.

  10. The stuff from the stores also are actually bad for you.. Its the chemicals the Government is making them use, its not stripped from the Buds or Concentrate. You will get a revers effect that causes Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Depression.. Ask any shop that sell and they will tell you they have heard others say the same thing.. The smoke we got from the dude behind the gas station was grown without the Government pushed chemicals..

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