FINALLY! NEW PAYMENTS! $200 MONTHLY! Social Security Benefits 2021 + COLA Changes

In this video, we discuss why Friday is a big day and why we need to watch it closely as it pertains to everything going on in Congress as well as Social Security, …


  1. Kelly this infrastructure bill is not good for all states it is great for California, New York, Washington D.C. and other bigcommunities does not do much for the other lower populated states.

  2. President Biden made a big Thomas the first thing he said he's going to do is he's going to up to Social Security SSI SSDI what lies are those and the first thing came to his mind when he got an office is into structure didn't even talk or think or act on the $200 raised that is giving Social Security he's not planning on doing anything he just wanted to structure and everybody in the house gets a piece of that action because nobody could tell how much went where guess what everybody gets a piece of the pie accept American people

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