Vera Twomey’s daughter Ava suffered up to 100 seizures a day, and Vera feared that without cannabis, Ava could die. In her book “For Ava” dedicated to her …


  1. The support Vera had here in Ireland from the public was phenomenal during her walk and after, through all her & her family's efforts, they have eased the suffering for so many people. I have seen these people turn up in wheelchairs to thank Vera for all she has done in regards to getting this medicine legalised. Vera has done tremendous work here in creating awareness and getting the law changed.

  2. Thank you vera and Ava. It's so good to hear Ava is doing so well.No family should Ever have to go through what you's have as a family. Our Government have a lot to answer for. I have shared and will continue to support you's ❤ Denise (Dublin)

  3. Blessings to Ava, Vera and the family and thank you for sharing your story🙏💚 Far too many families are forced to break the law to provide the best quality of life for their children. No parent should ever have to break the law to provide medical care for their child or any family member. Prohibition blatantly causes more harm than good. Its time for legalisation.

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