Ferrari driver performs burnouts in Sydney's CBD | 7NEWS

Police will be talking with a Ferrari driver very soon after he was caught performing a wild burnout in the heart of Sydney. The hoon broke multiple traffic laws.


  1. For foké saké, just heavely fine the guy and suspend his licence, why destroy his property? Seriously? So will you destroy the house of a rapist? or what of a shop thief that doesnt need to steel? what should he see destroyed?

  2. alright then lets apply this rule to everything? armed robbery? crushed. medical malpractice? crush. laws that take from the poor and save the rich? crysh. I like this idea

  3. Yep, crush the car, suspend the licence and put the driver behind the bars. Btw make him/her pay for the cost to mill and repave the asphalt pavement too.

  4. While pedos roam the street with only 60 community hours . Guy whom does a pretty small skid gets this harsh bullcrap . Remember old folks just cause your fun days are over doesnt mean you can be KARENS dont ruin other people's fun and business .

  5. It's a hoon video, why all the politics and anti media bullshit?
    Same moronic mentality the people ruining our country, that you whine about, have.

  6. Bruh if he is doing burnouts in a Ferrari
    If they impound the ferrari
    He will buy another Ferrari
    You don't just do donuts in a Ferrari without being able to buy another Ferrari.

    Irresponsible but as a car guy I would have watched and cheered on lol

  7. Why crush , auction to fund the front line you morons at desks are useless imo . His drivng skill aside he stopped traffic and a Copycat with no Talent is a nightmare , Cya car was fun Lol

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