Epilepsy Neurologist Discusses Keppra

This is a brief overview of Keppra (levetiracetam). Always talk with your doctor about your medications!


  1. I’m 30 years old I started having seizures at 28 I’m on keppra and I hate this side effects I feel really woozy and dizzy I don’t feel like myself at all I can’t even have a cup of coffee thanx for sharing this video❤️

  2. I've been on keppra 500m for 2 week ..2 twice a day..(day and night) and I had 4 seizure in 4 straight days is this shit really good for me .. different affect for different bodies..I don't think it's good for me ..when I was on the 200m ..I was having seizures once a month..now am on 500 and having more seizure like df

  3. I've been taking Keppra & simultaneously for the passed 13 years. A random switch to depikote by a doctor without notification put me in the emergency room everyday for an entire week because of the lack of professionalism

  4. Can relate to many comments here. Top Vid' on the subject imo. Just wondered why the Tabs are so LARGE tbh + just that switched over to Zebinix & Brivatiracetam which find more helpful/get less seizures with. "Suicidal thoughts" as you say on Keppra have def' had, but could be Depression tbf

  5. My 9 month old daughter just got put on this drug. She was the happiest, most loving, full of life little baby you'd ever meet. Now she's a little zombie, seems so emotionless and numb. She's so angry all the time. All I do is cry and cry. What drug would YOU personally, Dr Reeves, put a 9 month old on who has suffered from 4 seizures. Generalized focal seizures, lasting about 2 minutes each time.

  6. why do nurses and doctors wonder at a well accredited facility for brain injury and spinal cord injuries why clients have such larges gaps of time between bowel movements when most lunches and dinners have more cheese than anything else

  7. https://youtu.be/ddQRHy4z5mo
    I Richard Ottum, aquire a traumatic brain injury in 2009 from a truck hitting the passenger side of a rental car I was driving while home on leave from Fort Lee Virginia on my way of figugetting out what I was going to Do and how to do it once I received my honorable discharge papers from the army. all that went out of the driver side window of that rental car along with the right side of my brain 🧠

  8. the book brain beat by doctor Michael J Hoffman is very interesting and an interesting point of view of the neurological response to the blood that is pumped to the main vein inside the brain

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