Dumpster CBD , Bed Bath and Beyond and More , Dumpster Diving America

Awesome finds please subscribe We have been diving all week and weekend looking for Black Friday returns and other stuff . Check out all the stuff we found …


  1. Love to dumpster diving but I have no one that wants to go with me were my boyfriend lives,I don't know anyone up In that area and he dont like doing anything that consists of moving out away from TV or his phone ,he wants me to marry him ,but I really dont see the need in doing that when he dont like doing anything.

  2. Too funny, I need to get me some of that CBD for pet's! I sure hope my feet don't start looking like you're when I do try it.. Lol 😆 🤣 Great Video Y'all 🇺🇲

  3. Couldn’t you use the thing with hooks on it for your garage sale to put jewelry or key chains on? Billy you always crack me up. It makes getting through the Holidays easier.

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