1. I found it to everyone who didn't believe about lucky ratted on busy and Meyer . I TRIED playing it but it's call Charles Lucky Luciano Bio. LUCKY crime boss . Full doc.

  2. Yooo you got people prolapsing in their feelings lol! Nice job my dude! If you got these man females crying on videos you won! Good job my dude. You know me! Boffa keeps it gangster!

  3. whats up i-light. everybdy-that wasnt the real pizza in the chat saying that the innocent lady is new beginnings and i can tell u for a fact that the lady jessica is not her.

  4. Good stuff brother. I apologize again for my drunken comments the other night. I don't drink but on the rare occasion. As far as doxing goes if was mad enough to want to find out some one I wouldn't make it public. I'd just go to their house and handle it like that. No need to broadcast their information. A problem between two people shouldn't involve the public. Am I right in that way of thinking?

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