Does Marijuana Interact with Prescription Drugs?

Chief Medical Officer of Canna-Centers Dr. Bonni Goldstein joins The Doctors to discuss how seniors are using marijuana and the potential concerns of mixing …


  1. Does anyone know to make the switch from Hydrocodone to cannabis? I mean do I have to stop using hydrocodone completely in order to switch to cannabis? I am asking because it seems impossible to stop completely in order to try to see if cannabis works for me. I want to be done with opioids. Please help.

  2. I don't really know why I was being infected  with Idiopathic  pulmonary fibrosis, my Dad died of this illness and it really affects me emotionally  because my Dad never had the opportunity  to use Dr Madida herbal treatment from YouTube. It was Dr madida herbs that I used that cured me .

  3. The overdose on cannabis is a very fucked up badtrip. I got panic, severe time dilation, ego death and fractals while eyes closed. I thought the joint had some hardcore psychedelic like NBOME but it was just pure Colombia sticky weed

  4. Dr. Goldstein is one of the best MD's in the world in the medical use of cannabis. All her videos on Youtube are great. She currently has a year waiting list to see her mainly made up of kids with seizure disorders and autism.

  5. Marijuana is not a cure-all, but, it sure is an incredible plant. I took it when I had biliary dyskinesia, and traditional treatments didn't work, meaning that I often had to go to the hospital for IV meds and fluids because, sometimes, I would go 2-3 days without eating, lest I make the pain worse and throw up. Marijuana was my pain medicine, muscle relaxer, and anti-nausea medication all in one. When I started using it, I was able to gradually come off most of the meds I was on, I was able to put all the weight I lost back on, and my appetite came back. After a while, my condition completely resolved, and I was able stop taking cannabis.

    A word of caution to those who have Bipolar Disorder: Watch your mood on this stuff. I destablized a bit while I was taking marijuana.

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