Did Cannabis Oil Save This Child?

People are crediting the cannabis compound CBD for helping with everything from childhood seizures to cancer. Meet Tracy and Josh who credit the treatment …


  1. For those who are coming for the comments to see if cannabis oil works, it does! My nephew is 4 years old with leukemia and developed a fungus infection in the hospital while waiting for his Car T cells. The fungus was called fausium. Very deadly in humans. I made her legal Hemp oil not cannabis and it worked the same as RSO. I would never give something illegal to anyone who doesn't approve of using it as it is not my child, but Hemp is just as good and legal here where I live. She put this on his open wounds the fungus had caused and it killed it in 24 hours after application. Few weeks later there was no trace of it in his bloodstream. He eventually was cleared for his Car T cells and we are currently in this next battle to see how his body responds to this treatment. So does it work? YES! So don't be fooled by any doctor that says I would give it to my child.

  2. Please don’t say combination of chemo and cannabis to keep the chomo multi billion industry going !!! Stop deceiving sick desperate humans!! Just to make your wealth bigger !!! Clearly it’s just the cannabis

  3. it doesn’t cure cancer. but i definitely see where it can help the patient with the side effects from chemo, which actually treats the cancer. i definitely think that herbs and different natural products are a great addition to chemo to help the treatment process. it’s a great ADDITION! not to be used as sole treatment, because that doesn’t work. cbd and herbs and different alternatives should be used as adjunct therapies only. not complete alternatives.

  4. They are misrepresenting CBD. It does not treat cancer or tumors at all and anyone who claims it does is lying. What it does is suppress nausea and stimulate appetite, well known affects of imbibing pot, which allows the chemo to be better tolerated.

  5. Fr I gotta say all the hate on them is ANNOYING weed is weed. Weed should be thought of as a good thing in my eyes. It's helped a lotta people in my life so , everyone saying about the 'Bad long term effects' needs to chill. It is a rare thing for weed to hurt a person so don't act like it is common. Also , me and the baby have the same birthday :). (( I'm 17 y'all , so please , don't act like I'm a 10 year old. ))

  6. I'm very aware of Sophie's story. You can find specifics at Canna Kids. She was using THC along with CBD. CBD alone will not kill cancer cells. Cannabinoids work best together. Our government has known since at least 1974 that cannabis kills cancer cells.

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