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  1. 🎤Back in my day, 57 y/o, there was one reason and one reason alone as to why a comedian was able to speak their mind as they did; we were responsible for our own feelings. Hence the title "Sticks & Stones" [may break your bones, but names will "never" harm you]. Those were his thoughts (feelings), not yours. We were taught that what you did in response to what another has said is as equally important. Not to concern yourself so much about what they said as opposed to your response to it. Personally, I've never needed that lesson. The idea of flipping out at every perceived insult is not only ridiculous, but it leaves you open …vulnerable …and at the mercy of another's opinion.

    🎤This gen has been taught the opposite, that other people are responsible for how they feel …the blame for their pain. Hence Cancel-Culture. My instinctual response has always been, "I'll be responsible for my own feelings, …thank you". I've always felt my feelings were an in-house matter, to be protected from the malice of others. That is the place where they began, so that is the place they are to be reconciled. It is the only way to gain any true peace-of-mind. Parents make the mistake of protecting their child from the evils of the world. When every other living thing prepares their child for it. You still loves them just the same, but there's a difference. The difference is self-reliance.

    🎤It's kinda like Jesus. It's a round about way of saying, "He who hasn't sinned, cast the first stone". That you are responsible for your actions, not another's. That everyone has their own personal relationship with God and as such are responsible to him for their actions; …their's and their's alone. In the eyes of God, there IS no such thing as, "He made me do it", because he has already (supposedly) enlightened you on how to handle such matters. That they are reconciled from within, …the place where he resides in us all.

    🎤Now, I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination…

    …but I'll admit, it makes a pretty good argument, …wouldn't you say???😉

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