Covid Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity

There’s a lot of talk about “natural immunity” to Covid-19, and some people are refusing vaccination on the grounds that they’ve got this natural immunity thanks …


  1. Guy on local TV "I'm not getting a vaccine. I figure that can't be as good as my own immune system." I can only hope natural selection will take its natural course, though by his age, he's probably already reproduced, unfortunately.

  2. Surely the fact we need 2 vaccines plus numerous boosters proves the vaccine doesn't work. Surely allowing the new milder variant to become the dominant variant rather than boosting everyone in the word every few months would be a better alternative. Rather than boosters every 6 months that don't reduce the infection rate anyway?

  3. When searching for truth, always follow the money trail. Natural immunity has no profit margin, therefore, will be ignored in favor of vaccines that do not prevent reinfection and is still infectious to others. More importantly, enormous profits from vaccine sales for the "illness profit centers" and big pharma, is always the motive.

  4. I think this is great information. Very educational, however I dont like how it is presented in a sarcastic way. Making "fun" of uneducated people with mannerisms is not going to convince them but alienate then more. My opinion, FWIW.

  5. I had respect for you, but clearly you are biased. Let me blow up your entire argument very easily. WE SURVIVED THE BLACK PLAGUE. How did we do this? We didn't have vaccines back then, but we made it. Why because it killed of the weak and those who were left had immunity. You don't hear about the disease anymore for a reason. But sure whatever, let's just synthetically fix all our problems. I'm someone who HAS been vaccinated but that doesn't by any means make me stupid to all the propaganda youtube and every other media source forces down our throats

  6. We treat our immune system like is trash. We are still here after 12,000 years without any vaccines . Why didn’t you bring bone marrow studies on immunity to COVID. Do your research

  7. Eat healthy (lots o vitamin C), exercise and sleep right, folks. That's how you can boost your immunity naturally (reducing severe symptoms and faster recovery). Whatever this guy is selling; good health does not come in a vial.

  8. so a severe case equals more protection equals having been more sick??. this is so idiotic Im fighting hard to not facepalm. Please someone explain to the fact checkers how a good immune system works

  9. the statement that “the vaccine is better natural immunity” isn’t backed by science. It is a statement designed to get people who are uneducated to take the vaccine. Did you know that the 91-divoc suriv has 61 different type of antigens? Did you know that the body can only have an immune response to 20 of them? Do you know what an immune response looks like? Did you know that B cells attach to antigens and create antibodies to counter antigens in the body? Do you know that seniccav are designed to trigger an immune response to generate antibodies your body utilizes to fight antigens? How many antigens are in the eniccav? The answer is two… spike protein and one antigen with a T cell built in it. Do you know the other name of this kind of eniccav? It’s called Dual Antigen eniccaV… This means your body still produces the other 18. In other words saying natural is weaker is an incorrect statement to make because without the natural immune response the eniccav wouldn’t work. Furthermore… the suriv are called RNA type which is a classification of certain sesuriv… Robert Malone invented the mRNA seniccav… he stated that you cannot eniccav your way out of a pandemic… why? Because when you have the masses use the eniccav… it pushes the suriv to adapt causing mutations and stronger variants… far stronger than what natural produces… between his colleagues they call these people who are eniccav by the masses… super… spreaders… in truth the eniccav is most effective on those with preexisting conditions because these group of people produce… weak… antibodies… which is also the reason why the older you are the more likely you’ll get much more chances of suffering from the symptoms… because they produce… weaker antibodies… your statement is not backed by science… the real truth is that eniccav helps to trigger an immune response… one that is already there.

  10. What a load of lies. I cant the garbage spewing from this mans mouth. He must have shares in Phizer. Natural immunity lasts longer than vaccines. Why would you promote a vaccine when you need a booster 6 months later? Go back and do your research pal as more and more evidence every day is revealing how crap the vaccines really are.

  11. how would natural immunity not be as good if you literally have it haha ? where as if i get the vaccine im still going to get it as well. im worried about how much im gonna spend on gas by the time i go to get my 3,000th booster shot

  12. Attention terrorists. We declare war on you. All aiders and Abettors of this domestic terrorism are being documented for their Nuremberg trial. Cease all operations immediately and destroy all vials of the bioterror weapon. We will be arresting all aiders and Abettors and putting you on trial for mass murder. If you are aiding and abetting in any mandate you are a self declared domestic terrorist. From this point forward you are enemy of the United States of America and all actions taken to remove you from the public and cease your terrorist operations are now considered pre-pardoned.

  13. At the end of it all as long as we still have the freedom to choose then I’m okay with these videos. Other videos can make a point of the opposite view. Choose what’s best for you. Keep your choice to yourself.

  14. Who the hell said "mild illness" doesn't give you as many antibodies as a vaccine?! The CDC's junk science paper from Kentucky in a 2 month period junk science?! SMH! You guys go to great lengths to sell these vaccines. Why don't they do any studies on natural immunity and its durability. It lasts a hell of a lot longer than the vaccine. Vaccine antibodies PLUMMET with each and every vaccine given. They're just trash. Pretty soon you'll need a vaccine drip LMAO. UK says you need a booster ever 3 months now, give me a break!

  15. Please provide a link to the study that shows the effectiveness of natural immunity is directly related to the severity of symptoms experienced. And before you link the Rochester study, keep in mind that all test subjects were injected with the "vaccination" after exposure to the virus thus negating any potential study of pure natural immunity. I'll wait. Thank you in advance.

  16. This video seems to have been made a bit too early. I think they should have taken more time to establish a foundation for the debate, because I get the impression this isn't about honestly considering natural immunity, more about debunking it. This is opinion, not education

  17. I think most people assume vaccines are a quick fix to "health." But the truth of the matter, it is not as simple as that. More complex because everyone has unique biochemistry and neuro chemistry. So many variables are overlooked such as lifestyle, environment and diet. In other words, there's no one size fits all when it comes to vaccines and it's absolutely dangerous to say everyone should be having it without informed consent, otherwise, you're playing a game of Russian roulette. Personally, I would rather focus on building my natural immunity by getting the virus from the wild and taking responsibility of my own health. I'm not anti-vax, I'm pro-choice and any government authority that mandates vaccines is a form of medical tyranny.

  18. “Break through infection” y’all are hilarious…why not just take the next step and say the vaccination is like a force field around you that can stop things from entering your body. C’mon man 🤣 Stop … just stop.

  19. jesus…everyone in the comments who still argue about natural immunity v. vaccine. if you dont want the vaccine dont get it, but you have to live with the repercussions of that choice. im so tired of the same debate when it has been proven over and over. you can even see it in the icu stats where the majority of patients are either unvaccinated or partially. yes a vaccinated person can still get covid but the difference is a slight cough maybe some fatigue as opposed to intubated in icu. im vaccinated and im fine. i do it to protect OTHER PEOPLE

  20. Anti-vaxers have created myths about vaccines using a kernel of truth to make their arguments seem real

    a) "Vaccines are new and therefore risky" – Understand that there are differences between vaccines made with weakened live viruses and mRNA viruses like COVID. Live vaccines with (polio, smallpox, etc) made from live viruses can provide lifetime immunity. A bit over 20 years ago (contrary to bogus anti-vaxer claims that there are "new) , scientists began created mRNA viruses which "look like" the virus so they prompt an immune response. These vaccines are incredibly significant as they can be quickly tailored to new infections with a little "tweaking", the importance of which is that they provide a "stop-gap" means to save lives until such time as a save long term vaccine can be developed. The data shows that for every death associated with someone who has taken the vaccine (and not necessarily that it was related to causes of death, just "they died, reason not listed", 62 people have COVID on their death certificate.

    b) "The vaccine was not fully FDA approved, only "EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)" – Every vaccine goes thru the same 3 FDA stages.

    1. Testing has to be done on a minimum number of trial participants. The same number of participants were involved in the COVID vaccine trial as would be the case in any other vaccine trial.

    2. The 2nd phase if follow up whereby trial participants are examined 6 weeks down the road, to track side effects and problems. The same number of participants were involved in the COVID follow up as would be the case in any other vaccine trial.

    3. The 3rd phase is "how long does it remain effective ?". This is where the EAU differs from a normal trial. Do you i) wait 6, 8, 12, 18, 24… months till this phase is completed letting 100s of thousands of people die till you know ? or ii) do you get it out there and save 95% of those people ? If you have to think about that for more than 3 seconds, your brain is broken.

    What I want to ask is …. why is it that all the anti-vax community that screamed "It's not fully FDA approved" were silent when it came to monocolonal antibodies which, unlike the vaccine, still is not fully FDA approved ? Why are they jumping on ivermectin when not only is not FDA approved, FDA warns against using it ? Another example of the continuous flow of falsehoods from the anti-vax community.

    c) "COVID immunity" – There is no such thing as COVID immunity. The vaccine creates antibodies which are effective for fighting COVID but body's immune response is basically fooled with mRNA vaccines …. and their effectiveness tapers off over time. Having COVID also creates antibodies and these also taper off over time. Many people who have had COVID, have had it more than once; some people who have had the vaccine have subsequently had COVID. If you read the news …. we see people both with COVID history or vaccination getting COVID again…. and it' started happening after 8 months after vaccine rollout occured.

    FDA EUA Approval = Dec. 11, 2020
    Final (Full Approval) = August 23, 2021 (275 days later)

    The FDA granted their fill approval roughly 9 months later because the data and studies submitted to them firmly established after 9 months of data collection and analysis that "stage 3" of the virus trial was now complete.

    If that's not enough, it's easy enough to find the research data with a simple web search.

    "Vaccine longevity became a hot topic in August, when some studies began to suggest vaccine effectiveness was waning, although data also showed the vaccines were still highly effective against hospitalization. In one study (updated link below) reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), data from the state of New York showed vaccine effectiveness dropping from 91.8 to 75% against infection. "

    "But it’s important to know that immunity induced by the mRNA vaccines is stronger and more reliable than natural immunity, says Iwasaki. That’s because levels of natural immunity tend to differ from person to person. “Vaccines normalize the response to a very high level, where it uniformly uplifts everybody,” she says. “If you are starting with the high level, even if you start to decline from that level, it will take much longer before you need a booster.”
    "This is a reason why the CDC recommends vaccinations for people who have had a COVID-19 infection as well as for those who have not."

    " A study published in found the Moderna vaccine to be 96.3% effective in preventing symptomatic illness in health care workers compared to 88.8% for Pfizer. Another study, from the CDC, found Moderna’s effectiveness against hospitalization held steady over a four-month period, while Pfizer’s fell from 91% to 77%. But scientists say more data is needed to fully understand the differences between the two vaccines."

    Levels of antibodies, CD4+ T cells, and CD8+ T cells remained strong six months after receiving the vaccine. This was found even among participants over 70 years of age, who are particularly vulnerable to severe COVID-19. Memory CD4+ T cells were still present in nearly everyone six months after full vaccination. Memory CD8+ T cells were detected in 67% of participants six months after full vaccination. Until this study, it was uncertain whether the Moderna vaccine elicited these memory T cells. The team also found that the vaccine generated similar immune memory against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to that of natural infection. Levels of antibodies, CD4+ T cells, and CD8+ T cells six months after vaccination were comparable to those in recovered individuals."

    d) The above addresses the herd immunity myth, and by that I mean the version put forth by anti-vaxers.

    1. As stated above getting COVID provides no greater immunity and no more antibodies than the vaccine.
    2. Herd immunity as defined by science can only occur if a high % of the population is vaccinated BEFORE the virus mutates. The longer it is "out there", the chance of mutations increase exponentially, rending a previous infection or vaccine less effective

    "One of the main studies [From Israel] providing the evidence for CDC’s recommendation was recently published in the It found that vaccine-induced immunity, while still quite protective against infection and severe illness from COVID-19, can wane after several months.

    "Although the protection against asymptomatic infection diminished more quickly than that against symptomatic infection, as would be expected in a vaccine that prevents symptoms given infection, no evidence was found for an appreciable waning of protection against hospitalization and death, which remained robust — generally at 90% or higher — for 6 months after the second dose. "

    The difference is out of every 100,000 people exposed to COVID:

    – 2,000 unvaccinated people will die from COVID
    – 66 vaccinated people (Moderna) will die from COVID or other causes, (slightly higher for Pfizer)

  21. This video is sponsored by Pfizer and Moderna.
    In most cities 60% of the people already “survived” natural infection and are now 13x better immune, hence 2/3 of the population naturally immune protects also the others 13x better. Natural immunity covers the whole virus and variants and T and B cells will produce very strong antibodies over and over for decades.
    Don’t be scammed by the vaccine mandates : natural immunity will protect the population 13x better and help stopping the virus 13x more efficiently

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