City Council Discusses Marijuana Business License Costs | News

The Billings City Council continues setting up the framework for marijuana businesses in city limits.

Monday night they talked about marijuana business license fees at their work session.

Nothing is official yet — but the council will discuss setting annual license fees for dispensaries at just over $4,000. According to the work session agenda for tonight the licenses cost more for cultivators at a suggested $4,350 and $4,750 annually for manufacturers.

The city estimates it’ll cost about $68,000 to regulate marijuana businesses in 2023 for things like code inspections and the business license process.

They hope to cover all those costs through the license fees they charge.

However, some already in the marijuana businesses are not fans of proposed $4,100 license fees for new medical marijuana dispensaries. City officials estimate about half of the license cost would go to code enforcement to regulate businesses.

“We have compliance that we have to follow from the Department of Revenue already. We should utilize some of the effort they’re already putting into this and not duplicate, and waste taxpayer money,” said Billings local, Anthony Saur.

Permit applicants could also have to pay 10% of the license they want just to get into a lottery system for a license.  If they are granted a license, then they’d pay the remaining 90% of the cost.  

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