1. Question for you. So there was THC in these buds right. How did you remove that? This just seems to me like THC distillate. Very confused because I do want to make this but I don't want to get super high or high at all. So please let me know how to make this without the THC in it

  2. I’m still living and learning but am a little confused? You didn’t mention that the buds you used to make your CBD came from a ‘hemp plant versus a marijuana plant’? Do Hemp plants also grow in sativa or Indica varieties with little to no THC in them??
    I just found your channel. Yaaay!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    And now for the question you probably get asked most often, “may I order your products online”? 😃
    Keep Having Fun, Friends in Canada!! ✨🇨🇦✨

  3. Whats Up its been a Min. So for Reg.Blasting i would put Cannabis in the Tube.. Then Blast ,after its Blasted Put on a Heat Mat at the Temp. of ?? (To Evaporate the Liquid Gas) Then Purge for How Long ?? Then would it be Ready to smoke the Product ?? Help Please .. Thank You

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