CBD Brothers Blue vs Purple Edition Oil Review and Experiences with Insomnia, Fatigue & Digestion

CBD Brothers makes a few different CBD oil editions. I’ve tried the Blue and Purple and report my results in this video. If you want to read my overall experiences …


  1. Thank you, helpful review; I just purchased some for my Mom who has nerve damage due to a car accident many years ago. She discussed taking CBD with her consultant so it’s helpful to have this additional info.

  2. Forget the cbd you want rso !!!

    I took my friend snowboarding couple years he who’s an insomniac snowboarding all day then food bed wake same thing couple of days in mate slacking he tells me his an insomniac and hardly sleeps I happen to have some weed and was smoking regularly told him have some of this and you will sleep like a baby so he dose and slept like a baby next same thing get home week later back home can’t sleep no weed !! So I told him about rso and don’t think his ever looked back

  3. I like this video your clear and the informations good hope your still doing well .you cant beat cbd brothers oil there on the ball in this oil production i use it myself

  4. I'm going to try this pal. I wake exactly every two hours. How many drops of this mix are u using? Has your opinion changed or different brands? I need longer restorative sleep. I will let you know. I've ordered love cbd entourage. Will also try cbd brothers. I need a cbd oil that lends a hand in aiding sleep. Thanks pal…

  5. I'm in the UK and had received my green edition {sativa} and the purple edition (indica) I've not used any yet I'm aware the two difrences tho which one worked best for anxiety issues for you I normally can't smoke high thc sativa I'm just curious to trying the green edition before the purple as indica has been proven a anxiety buster just curious how the hemp cbd works

  6. Hi Tadas, what youre experiencing with mixing those 2 types of cbd is something known as the entourage effect in the cannabis circles. Have a Google search. Its basically the mixing together of not just one component of the plant. Instead of using just CBD for relaxing or CBN for drowsiness, its a mix ratio of various components. I would guess those 2 bottles of CBD you're using have small doses of other components of the plant in like THC and CBN. I too am a chronic insomniac and have tried every single sleep formula, sleep med and vitamin on the planet with varying results like you, but I now use a product called CB1 bought from this company in South Africa. https://www.plantessence.co.za/ They have their ratio of THC, CBD and CBN spot on, which you can find on their site. Whilst it hasnt cured my insomnia entirely it certainly helps sedate and calm me, and I find deeper sleep in parts than before. I particularly use them if I wake in the middle of the night and my thoughts start running wild. The effect of the drops is the same for me as taking benzodiazepines. My ruminating thoughts just shut off when it kicks in and I'm back asleep. I've tried THC drops on its own and it didnt work, was like caffeine. Same with CBN or CBD on their own, just didnt work. But a combination of them all in the right mix just seems to work.

  7. Plus… Since starting my CBD Capsules, ive found my breathing significantly improving. And other benefits to my health as well unexpected but welcome.
    Doctors do not know why.. Smokers who quit even 20 yeas later show COPD In test results. Yet .. Bronchial tubes almost totally recover.
    The blue mould pathogen cant yet be cured by conventional pharma. But this amazing plant activates the cannabinoid receptors enabling the body to deL with the Pathogen.
    So in effect, it stops the COPD from further advancement.
    Which must undoubtedly prove why i can now walk up the highest hill in my area without needing oxygen, where as two months ago, i had to rest three times on the hill guzzling air!
    Go figure.

  8. I took mine from.(LoveCBD.com) because i was diagnosed with COPD and 40% down on lung capacity.i take one 10mlg capsule every morning. Never at night!
    COPD research turned up some interesting findings. Apparently, its Blue Mould found in badly stored tobacco. A micro fungi which grows deep in the lungs.
    No known cure. And a death sentence for those diagnosed with it.
    Fortunately, there are a few items which can halt COPD. Apricot kernels and alike containing inactivated cyanide, harmless. And CBD OIL.
    go get.

  9. I just watched your past 2 episodes because I was trying to see if it was worth buying some CBD. I've never heard anyone describe their insomnia so similarly to how I feel! I have pretty much the exact symptoms. So… The thing that seems to be tricky about CBD is that every company is using different plants. They all have CBD but they have other compounds in them as well if it's a whole plant extract. I had never seen a hybrid CBD before so I just went to the CBD Brother's website to check it out. Maybe you would do better with the "white" formula that they offer. From my limited knowledge, Indica would be more calming. That would make sense why you had some more positive benefits from the "purple" since it's a hybrid and why you get more energy from the "blue," which is a Sativa. I'm sure taking the blue version for so long during the day has just balanced our your system overall though! Keep the videos coming. And hopefully we'll be able to sleep one of these days!

  10. Long story but basically my lower right leg had rotted away down to the Tendons and my right ankle as no movement. Lots of pain in my right foot especially when I walk.
    So I now take 6 drops of the Blue at 11:00 am then go shopping at 12. The pain as gone in my foot just numb and I'm able to walk much better so it works for me.

  11. Hey! So I've just bought blue ediiton and started taking 3 drops this morning and again 3 drops this evening. I wasn't aware .I was buying a stronger strain until I read more this evening and realised I could have gone lower I think to white or even green to begin with. But I've bought it and started taking it now so I'm just going to continue. And also I only took 6 drops because I read somewhere earlier on the web that you should take 3 drops morning 3 drops afternoon and 6 at night if you're using for anxiety (which is what I'm using for) but I'm not going to take the 6drops now as suggested because I've already probably taken too much? I'm unsure. What do you think?
    And this was based on 50ml bottle at 2000mg of cbd. But not a specific brand or anything. Just something I read somewhere when I googled 'how much cbd to take for anxiety' So far so good. Just felt bit more alert but in a happier state of mind than usual. As suffer with depression also.

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