Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky (Weed Jerky): Infused Eats #28

For the full recipe please sign up at: Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky is a fast acting medicated snack that can store without refrigeration …


  1. So.. I made this recipe. It was absolutely delicious! But not strong enough for our high tolerance. I also have a buttload of honey. So I infused the oil and the honey. Frickin amazing!!! I highly recommend anyone with a high ass tolerance to try this.

  2. Instead of oven use a box fan and a AC filter that is the same length and width as it strap it with some bungee cords turn that fan on you won't cook the meat and you'll have a way better flavor check out Alton Brown good eats for more on how to do it 👌

  3. i was with my smoking buddies and i was cooked, so likewise i thought about food so i said to them “Yo, you know what would be bomb? Edible Beef Jerky” and i’m so glad there is a recipe for this

  4. How does the dosage work? I'm sure it varies with the marijuanas strength but could you give me a baseline of how much you'd need to eat to get a nice high going?

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