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  1. To everyone who has already seen this video – apologies, there was an error in the previous cut so we had to take it down and re-upload it. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. If you want to know what the problem with this video was. Turn on captions. But why?

    The words cannabis are in the captions. But the narritor is not saying them. I thought maybe my VPN was preventing such words. Cuz im in Qatar. I was like, dam new technology.

  3. Hemp is great. Also for fabrics. But as he said. If it's not price competitive people can't afford it. And the right answer is that one must build the industry oneself to make ones product competitive (at least in near future). Most people with good ideas still cry for the governments to make their competitors more expensive and wonder why that way of solutions doesn't find friends. As, in the end the consumer will pay the price and lower income households are left behind even more…. Being more expensive just works for the start. For the ordinary people it must be affordable at the moment they buy it.

  4. for obvious reason, some iq50 stupid junkies will try to burn your house to get high.…

    and dry hemp fiber will guarantee it burn to ash, if by any chance it soke with kitchen grease or any kind of oil, sailors use this as torch for almost 2 millennium, not even your neighbors can recognize it. but first, how do you buy your fire insurance if the insurance company knows what is inside your wall?

    don't you think people love fiber glass and rock fiber therefore using it?

  5. It doesn't matter if hemp could cure cancer, the common cold, and heart disease – as long as the prison industrial complex, law enforcement complex, the alcohol and tobacco industry, etc hold a stranglehold on our laws we will never see hemp fully legalized. This cash crop is not allowed to be sold by anyone except the people they allow.

  6. we can find hemp wool here in Europe, it's not mainstream yet like wood wool is but it would make so much more sense to use hemp instead of wood ! in reference to the opening of the video, you can also make your house out of straw which you can obviously grow as well !

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