Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape Review | CBD

In todays video i tell you my thoughts on blue moon hemps cbd pen and it was so good helped me sleep,helped me through a panic attack, and tastes amazing …


  1. Yo dude , $26.00 for 4 to 5 good long kush tasting hits and it tasted good. Put in in my pocket, pushed a 100 feet to my apartment. I then laid down pulled out the CBD blue hemp pen 500mg 12.6% and started to take a few more hits. Damn my taste totally burnt. Sucks! I got it from (pure CBD vapor) 26.99. When it comes to vaping our its all about the brand name(uncut) 99.9 pure CBD wax in a pen battery cartridge 1gr. The battery has 3 temps and a preheat. The battery is rechargeable so all you need to do is purchase the CBD refilled cartridge 1000mg like 65.00, the start kit by (uncut) is like $104.
    It's worth it and last much longer.
    Trust me you'll love it. Tell mom it's awesome and kills acks and pains, anxiety. It's a super 1/2 chill.
    Peace out
    Weed smoker schufly130

  2. So i picked one of.these up today. No directions on the package so have no idea how much to take. I took 4 hits and it hit very hard and to be honest i can't tell if it worked. Any ideas? I paid $20 and got the kush flavor

  3. I'd smoke cbd flower but my concern is the amount of thc. I've seen cbd flower advertising "less than 0.03 thc" and YouTube videos of guys smoking said "flower" and resulting positive on drug tests. Their logic was basically the more you smoke, the more that "0.03" becomes multiplied therefore resulting positive on drug tests. Idk, but everything else cbd related aside from that flower (brand name "tko") I feel more open to trying. I'd like to know your thoughts tho

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