BHS Episode #21 Medical Marijuana for Children with Seizures

In this episode Wendy interviews Susan Meehan, Activist and mother of a child with seizures who is helped significantly by medical marijuana.


  1. See all the things medicinal medications herbs can Help this poor girl. It's sad when parents have to move away from their home just to get the healthcare that they're daughter needs! I've seen THC and the CBDs do miracles for seizures. They use CBD based products mostly on children so they do not get "high" from it.

  2. I applaud this Mom, who is brave enough to think outside the box. Medical marijuana is a medicine. My daughter, Genny is 16 yrs old, and has seizures since 3mos of age. Who would have thought, with the stigma of cannabis, that this would be our answer too. Every State should allow it, and have their own rules. We are in a legal battle to allow my daughter's medicine at school. It's scripted by a doctor. No other parent has to go to school to give their child medicine. It's the whole prohibtion, and Federal/Schedule one classification of this drug/medicine. We hope to change law, and have a landmark decision. We are scheduled to be on "The View" Monday, Sept 21st 11a.m. Never in all the years, would I have been an activities, but this is for our children, nothing else. It's the best medicine, they have tried, and it's just not right.

  3. Wendy this is a wonderful episode. Thank you for your efforts to bring knowledge and understanding of normally stigmatized disabilities… and addressing the matter of the states not providing the ability of medical Cannabis. Here in Minnesota they have a whole 267 people that have been approved for the medical Cannabis program – a STATE SENATOR, who sponsored the bill in this state was REJECTED by the program!… think on that one… so we still have a long way to go in Minnesota for sure!… Thank you for your show!

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