Benzodiazepine Dependence and Withdrawal – How To Avoid This

Benzodiazepine or benzos for short, is the class of drug that works at the GABA receptors in your brain to produce a relaxing or sedative effect. We use …


  1. I’m watching this because I tried to warn a know-it-all friend, who’s also an addict, that he needs to proceed with caution. He got annoyed because his doctor convinced him that long term daily use is just fine. There is only so much one can tell an addict and hopefully for this guy’s sake, he doesn’t go down the rabbit hole. As for me, I removed myself from the situation: I don’t want to see another train wreck

  2. Thank you so much. I am starting to see the rebound anxiety and it is scaring me. Thankfully I only take as needed but its been frequent lately due to grief snd ptsd and it’s only been a few days. I’m done. I’m glad I saw this before I allowed it to take over me. The intial feeling is amazing to get rid of anxiety but the rebound which I didn’t know I was having. Not sure bc I suffer from migraines as well. But I’m not taking any chances. Your videos have helped me through some tough nights of worry. Anxiety and grief. I cannot thank you enough. You are a god send ❤️

  3. Dear Dr Marks, helpful video…however just a remark:

    Obviously antidepressants don't seem to fully manage anxiety that well (in my experience at least) as almost everyone on them for mental health issues will need an extra drug or two for anxiety. my question is how come after all these years (decades upon decades) you guys/scientists haven't discovered a non-addictive drug that will help mental health sufferers to control their anxiety and things like sleep disorders without so many side effects. i guess big pharma needs to keep these things (benzos) on the market to keep the global economy running. shame. Also finding the right psychiatrist is a lifelong process for many mental health sufferers. You know the saying, a psychiatrist can either save a patient or drag him deeper into hell. Thanks for the video

    a long time mental health sufferer and still a benzo addict

  4. I try SSRI ,zolft and lexpro for 3 months each med only thing helps to get motivates and so much Energy that I had to counteract with more Klonopin, now they put me on beta blockers call propranolol 20mg a day frist days were good perhaps picobo affect withouy klonopin but 3days after without klonopin I had panic attacks couldn't sleep stay up till 4 in the moring finally gave up myself to klonopin half mg last night and able to sleep away,this moring I had to take half mg of klonopin, I need to find somethings that it will work for me without klonopin I been on 5mg a day for 8 months now ,des anyone fond somethings better without klonopin please help!

  5. How can anyone take Xanax at work wtf, that would make me so tired and sluggish. I would only take it at night when I had it. Now I use serequel no dependence

  6. ive been taking bromazepam for almost 20 years, its called lexotan 1.5 mg twice a day for my stomach problem, maybe dyspepsia or for stomach relaxant, i dont know why my doctor give it to me but it really helps, but i want to taper it, now… how can i taper it or what should i do coz iv experienced really so bad when im out of tablet for days, being said that iv realized that i haf to taper it off, can anyone suggest any good things???

  7. This really helped me understand my addiction more. I’m on my last step of a tapering plan and i’m almost completely off them. I don’t feel addicted to benzos anymore! But god when i was withdrawing from an obscene amount of benzos i didnt feel real!

  8. Wow you guys prescribed these meds and screw people up. When the hell are you gonna wake up to these poisons!!! Look up medicating Normal. Learn something and stop ruining peoples lives!!!!

  9. Sure wish my mom would listen to this. She's actually just as bad as she was when I was growing up. Up all night, sleeps all day, can't remember anything, has extreme thought patterns and paranoia. But she thinks she's great so never listens.

  10. Sure wish my mom would listen to this. She's actually just as bad as she was when I was growing up. Up all night, sleeps all day, can't remember anything, has extreme thought patterns and paranoia. But she thinks she's great so never listens.

  11. With the medical field now being inundated with a collective 'mental virus' a variant of the covid virus pandemic (panic-demic) all around the world. Humans are so over medicated with psychiatric drugs as well as other FDA approved crap like the neurotoxins in snacks, processed foods, canned soups, (they get around label ingredients by using the word 'natural flavors' for MSG, There are practically NO healthy people left on the planet. Their 'know it ALL' (got letters before or after their name, (beware) application of 'knowledge' from years of education (hence the letters and crap credentials they proudly decorate their office walls with, to sway you into trusting them, is now biting them in the ass. Hope they're fucking happy, continuing writing those scripts. They are keeping us sick! After all, that's why we can continue to keep them in a very well paid business. Some of them have actually been duped into benzos themselves. With ALL the intelligence there is, thanks to that along with religious zealots (form of mental illness on it's own,BTW), in my opinion, as if it matters. We are on the brink of extinction, overpopulated, and facing annihilation from the current climate crisis. we have raped the planet. Maybe we might now be headed for a civil war, maybe nuclear war, before the climate crisis wipes us out. Wonder which it will be?. Laws now being reinstated to outlaw abortion, yet the same ones who value life are the same ones who clamor for the death penalty. Still an eye for an eye, eh, folks.? Psychiatric drugs are THE CAUSE of mental illness. Then society wonders about all the mass shootings. Bet ya most, if not all the people who do these crimes were on
    these poisons. NO LONG TERM BENEFITS. JUST permanent injury to the brain, central nervous system, and every other organ of the body. Yet, they mean well. MD stands for
    ' M' onster 'D' elusionals'. STILL, just my personal experience with being prescribed these poisons for 30 years. Everybody have a 'good ' day. At least try. Depression on the rise, (more drugs to prescribe) divorces, domestic violence, YUP, lol. How sad for humans and all other life forms, plant and animal.. bye… 🤕

  12. The doctor gave my 60 year old mother 4 mg a day of Atavan…. Then he decided to cut her down because she said she wanted to quit because of negative side effects, he now gave her 1.5 mg a day and she went balistic, I had to get pills from other people for her to supliment her but in the end she was seeing things and right off her rocker..

  13. Hello I am taking lexotan (bromazepam ) 3mg for almost 8 weeks now for anxiety but I want to stop taking it because I don’t want to depend on this medication, Question if I stop cold turkey, will I experience severe withdrawal symptoms?i did not have severe anxiety…

  14. We are taking your advice and taking buspirone in the hopes of tapering off Ativan at some point . My mom gave up on it after 3 weeks and tried to go back to the Lyrica she had been on for 3 years.. it didn’t work to ease the anxiety caused by the new Ativan withdrawal/ tolerance.. now she’s back trying the buspirone again, now she has to wait again to begin Ativan taper.. a lot of advice suggests transitioning to Valium and tapering from that.. also wondering if propranolol wouldn’t be better as it has a more immediate effect..

  15. I wish my Dr knew this i took Dalmain for 35 years and they stopped it i tappered down and after six months of hell i was put on diazepam 6 mg twice a day than down to 2 mg twice a day i feel too fast life is unstable this is in the uk.

  16. How come you don’t talk about dosage ? How much are we talking
    about here ? Your video is informational BUT leaving out dosages and
    tolerance ?

  17. Tracy, keep telling people never to use pharmaceutical or slave labour opium or any refined junk, to begin with! Sure, mother earth supplyied stuff but we've killed our mother..were all orphans now with feral or no kids . From tribe, ti nuclear, to no family…

  18. What I may have missed and not heard is that when you attempt to cut down on whatever drug your taking after a couple of days of feeling worse than ever ,, you convince yourself that yes you do need the drug for Anxiety and the Dr was right in the first place !! In general the patient hasn’t any idea of the evil about to be bestowed on his or herself !! They need help but not in anyway in this fashion !!??

  19. I take 12mg kpins a day so i'm probably addicted? But i can also go without for one or two weeks (tried and nothing happened). So now 12mg does nothing to my anxiety and i don't know what to do. Drink a pill or not it doesn't help with anxiety anymore. On the other side i've had my hands on street xanax and i was taking it everyday like .5 to 1mg for two weeks. Then i ran out of them and after my whole month or even more was super good. I felt like i can do anything if i put myself to it. I have terrible self-esteem it seems. Should i tell this to my psychiatrist i don't know.. I think he will stop treating me or something. Never had w/d because i try to keep the feeling of it helping me as long as i can

  20. I have a "confession" and that is, my only addiction is watching Dr. Tracey Marks video's, lol. All jokes aside, I find them very, informative, enlightening and intelligently humorously serious, if there is such a thing. I'm a veteran myself, and have have dealt with PTSD and issue's of sleep apnea, perhaps caused by the PTSD diagnosis. My son also has symptoms of depression, and I am trying to advise him to seek professional counseling. Thank you, so much for your sharing of your professional knowledge of such important and critical mental health issues.

  21. These meds should only be given in short term. I've been on benzos since I was 14. From Estazolam, alprazolam to valium. Prescribed long term. I wouldn't recommend it. Though in my case I can't take anti depressants or antihistamines. They should be avoided unless absolutely needed Imo. Great video.

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