1. Temperature is very important room temp root temp all of this is need to know info also the difference in temp plays I big roll dont want your garden temp to fluctuate more than 10-15 degrees and this all ties into the humidity. .looks like he is watching has plants close they will tell him what they need

  2. Just make a bunch of buckets of hooch and put them into the room, or chain-tube all the bubblers together and let it flow into my garden?!? Hell, I would have CO2 for weeks. I have heard that if and when you do introduce CO2, that the temps will go up. I haven't heard that you should raise them, I thought the CO2 did that for you by putting it in there and it being a larger, combined molecule, it would absorb more heat waves and cause your temps to rise…  I even thought the hooch might help mask the smell of the ladies…Hell, I must be all wrong….!! But sometimes the hooch turns out kinda nice… Just don't heat it to 190F and chill-tube the vapor, that would be illegal, at least in my state, moonshine is still illegal…(plus you would need to understand the head and tail part of making moonshine, wouldn't want to drink the first little bit, or the last, it wouldn't be good for you, I've heard)… I better go study up some more…. Don't like being that wrong…

  3. i use dry ice for seedlings and will put a chunk a few inches away from the sprout..that way the soil with roots doesnt get to cold but the little leaves get a hardy soaking

  4. Those leaves look terrible. They're lanky and curled. the heat and humidity are just incubating every kind of pathogen you could imagine. Science doesn't lie. He doesn't evan have a fan in the room. How newb can you be? Just because you can grow, doesn't mean you should be growing.

  5. Dehumidifier on a controller…?

    If your intention is to educate, maybe more of a focus on how to prevent. Fans, ac, dehumid, controllers.

    Also, better clarity around risks of remedying that way(crop failure?).

    For the new guy counting on his first crop..

    By the way, heated up the alcohol to clean my new mobius… good I learned from you. Don't get rice stuck in the perks though.LMFAO!

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