American Hemp Oil CBD Gel Caps & Oil Drops Review

Welcome to the American Hemp Oil CBD Gel Caps and Oil Drops Blazin’ Gear Review. 20% off your 1st order with code: RUFF20 …


  1. “Review” is suggestive of independence. Using this word is misleading when sponsorship affects your ability to critically appraise it’s quality. I can see you’ve disclosed the sponsorship but using the word “advert” or “promotion” would be more accurate. Using the word “review” is basically clickbait in this case.

    PS: I’ve enjoyed a lot of your past videos but these “sponsored reviews” imo are terrible and will harm your reputation.

  2. People fail to understand that ingesting cbd is by far the WORST way to consume it your liver destroys 80% of the cbd so if you take 25mg capsules you are only getting about 2.5mg into your system

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