A Week Full Of Singing, Signing And Seizures:(

A Week full of Singing, Signing and Seizures:( The Up and downs of emotions this past week caught up with me physically . Epidemic sound, music I pay a …


  1. Congratulations on your new home, all the previous owners should be so thankful that their buyers love their house so much! That really means a lot! I love your duet!! My heart!

  2. You have another intercessor from Singapore. Your house is so huge and beautiful. Your trust in God that He will put things right for you is admirable. Praise God for everything and you will be healed. Wonderful Christmas too.

  3. Oh my God you both have beautiful voices. Why did you not start something long time ago. That was so lovely I would have wanted you sing the full song. Well done and congratulations on that amazing house. 🙏😊

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