Not all cannabis is created equal. Different strains of cannabis produce different effects and thus can be used for different reasons.


  1. They tryin to talk up…. do si doe like people are smoking man it and don't know and that's just not true… False hype in the making for people who are followers not leaders …not hating but people don't like to grow do si does and its terp profile isn't that unique to out on a pedestal Weedmaps or not I disagree this sounds like some sillica valley wannabe content

  2. there is a big difference in characteristics of the plant, as well as effect, just because science hasn't found a way to define each via chemical spectrography means shit.. grow a sativa and try to keep it under 3 foot tall, grow an indica and try to make the leaves thin and long, grow a rhuderalis and try to tell it when to flower. you can't, just because a computer sees no difference at the end, doesn't mean one isn't there.. sure when you make hybrids there's some tolerances and cross over but all in all (if the breeders done their job right) you should get a stable seed giving you consistent plants. Genetically they (strains) are all different, even if the Delta 9 and all other THC levels look identical. Makes me wonder if they even try tho, I can tell a hash made from sativas vs indicas let alone weed

    and sorry i come here to find out about the strain of the year not be catfished, so i googled it, "Dosidos". Spoiler alert

  3. I have a 5.5 TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury) My grandfather was a lead doctor for the MILITARY that ran the PANAMA CANAL ZONE for the U.S. A. ( Co. George W Bland Sr. MD ) from 1942 until 1958. He taught me about medicine.

    I have always used SCIENCE in everything I do. This is why everything I say or do is in the 'ball park'. Having a badly damaged brain sure slowed me down but has also given me a different 'perspective' in life.

    I am asking please help me LORD;

    FOOTBALL players need to be "eating" THC-A that protects and heals the brain, not INTOXICATING.

    I was addicted to pain killers from emergency disc removal in my neck. Stopped cold turkey and drank to relieve pain. This is why I wrecked.

    This has become a "SPIRITUAL FIGHT" !
    Okay, I am going to try telling everyone why I push so hard to legalize growing. I don't care if you believe me. I already have been ahead of science.

    What I need is to have CANNABIS be my main diet, eat no meat. I have seen this in "meditation".

    Everything I have listened to has been right so why stop ?


    I received a registered 5.5 brain injury on 08-30-2008.

    I not only know WHO I am, but "WHY" I am !

    I am from a LONG LINE of HEALERS Black Elk is my great great grandfather.

    ~ HEAL EARTH ~ On 08-30-2008 I had the worst motor bike wreck with no helmet on to survive in MONTANA. I died 3 times in life flight. It crushed my chest breaking all my ribs many times, putting ribs into both lungs. I was in an 87. day coma, waking with a registered 5.5 brain injury. I was told that THC saved my brain from lack of oxygen. Smoking MARIJUANA is opening my airway to accept oxygen. But the biggest is that MARIJUANA is HEALING my brain

    ~ It is THC-A that gives my brain what is needed to MAKE new CELLS.

    ~ MARIJUANA was used to make HEMP illegal.~

    ~ It can HEAL humans, humanity, economy, EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE ~ CARBONS are killing clouds. HENRY FORD proved that "oil" fuel exhaust made them in 1927. That is why he made 60,000 cars run on HEMP fuel in 1942, with 0 carbon output.

    It has been EARTHS health !

    HEMP takes 4 times the CARBONS to grow than trees.

    HEMP revitalized the SOIL.

    HEMP puts off more OXYGEN than tree.


  4. it was South Dakota bitch noam used tax money to fight the will of the people she is the evil of evil when it comes to corruption please look into this chick and don't let her career proceed

    we the people

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