Here is an opportunity to own one of the MOST UNIQUE PROPERTIES in Canada! This 5 acre farm is situated at the end of a NO THROUGH ROAD in a quiet …


  1. Some nice design features, but cheaped out on the landscaping, and the interior finishing (like the staircase, with the outdoor railing, etc?)…Mid 1970's high school tiles, etc.

  2. Ridiculous that you can’t make your home and have to have all these township codes and zoning. It’s bullshit. If you buy a lot of land you should have a legal right to have any type of architecture you want

  3. Man did you guys drop the ball on the background audio, you made this video so hard to get through, it was almost impossible to listen to the dialog with the rap music playing.

  4. Small and overpriced and they are so excited about it. Just shows how delusional California has become. You could buy that property and home for a quarter of the price in North Carolina.

  5. Beautiful house… Terrible cringe worthy dad jokes. Anyone who actually uses cannabis knows that industrial hemp is completely different than THC containing Cannabis. I've seen this done on other hempcrete videos, and it's just tired, old, and juvenile. The only way Hemp gets taken seriously is if people stop treating it like a joke.

  6. I'm Supportive of using g HEMP CRETE, PASSIVE SOLAR and All Manner of SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS. It's Time for HUMANITY TO MOVE FORWARD, TOGETHER. The Music is Too Loud and annoying to say the Least. It Distracts from What is being Conveyed.

  7. Real estate people are the worst — noisy loud brash. Hemp is a great idea but this property is a turkey and it's just big and gaudy for the sake if being so. if these guys were any more corny they could be a Saturday night live sketch .

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