1. I tried marijuana many times I mean many times over the years and I never felt good. My friends and every guy I dated smoked weed and I really tried to like it but I never did. I didn’t feel good. I get super nauseous and vomit, or I feel I’m drunk but I can’t control my movements etc. so weird. I just want to go to sleep and hope to sober up quick after smoking it while everyone I know enjoys it.
    Can anyone explain why?

  2. Tried it and hated it. I'll never forget the last time I tried smoking it after a friend prodded me to. I was sitting there and couldn't wait for it to wear off and swore to myself I would never smoke it again, and I didn't. I am a man who likes to be in control of my thoughts, and this takes that away.

    I still don't understand the attraction to the stuff, I just never had much of a positive experience on it. Plus I am against smoking of any sort, especially since I watched my lovely wife die while holding her hand of cancer from her smoking habit.

  3. if legal, marijuana coud be an alternative to alcoholl and nicotine, the sensation its smoth and less adictive them other drugs, the bigest problem its the smoke efect that can cause cancer just like cigarret and cerebral issues, but if it take moderate dose it will be less dangerous.

  4. this explains why when i started laughing i couldn't stop for shit bro i just kept gettjng funny memories and everything was funny i just couldnt stop laughing best high ive ever gotten lmao

  5. I smoke weed, at most 5time in a month,
    I dont do it every day,
    But i love the feeling when i smoke♥️,
    I think faster, reason better, i hear better, i feel every sound when am listening to music,
    I just love the feeling,
    Bt am smart enough not to do it every day,
    No offense please 😁

  6. Lmfao half of this isn’t true, I smoke every night (need it to sleep) I never forget what I do, I’m still good at everything I was good at before, if not better when I first smoke

  7. One thing they didn’t mention that should be common knowledge is that your sense of touch is increased, so you’re more sensitive to things you feel, and whenever you’re horny you’re basically like 100 times more horny🤣

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