Woman Took Illegal Cannabis Oil To Cure Terminal Stomach Cancer. Here Is What Happened After 2 Years

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  1. I’m 25 I’m from Europe (Ireland) and have cystic fibrosis.. I was doing research and think illegal cannabis oil or THC would really help me with appetite and chest pains. Ino it’s illegal but where do I get it? And how do people get it? Apart from the dark web or something? Should I go to Amsterdam?

  2. The medical "profession" (more like a "mob") want to keep us all SICK. That's why right this second, Monsato is busy trying to find a way to patent their GMO seeds so they can strip the medicinal properties from pot seeds so only they will have the cure. Not a conspiracy. Google it.

  3. its illegal because if this thing become Legal hospital won't make money anymore! because people can buy it everywhere or just plant them in their backyard. so this one of the reason they keep saying is illegal because these thing can cure a lot of sickness!

  4. I think that you should be able to use it if thats what your going through so you can get better. Also smoking weeds recreational is cool but theres some people that shouldn't do it because they can barely handle Tylenol so forget weed.

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