Which Strain Is Best For Anxiety? | Ask A Budtender

Personal cannabis consumption preferences vary. First, determine your favorite delivery method to use (smoke, vape, or edible?). Flower is usually the easiest …


  1. I have bad nerves.. never had a panic attack.. just shaky nervous can’t take anyone worrying me..I’ve never liked weed only smoked 3x in life and hatted it.. however I would like to try edibles.. I do not like body high feels like I can’t move.. what would u suggest bc I do not take pills bc of addiction. I’m ready to give a good plant a try without smoking? Can u suggest nothing strong.. I only want to relax not fall asleep

  2. what strain would be best for me? Everytime I smoke I get too into my head and think too much depression thoughts so I dont want a high thc but I want to feel focused and energetic. I want a good weed that will make me feel motivated when I study without the side effect of getting panicking and negative thoughts in my head from the high.

  3. For me I found that Limonene and Caryophyllene helps with anxiety. I still smoke high THC% it's all about the Terpenes. Do your research and experiment what works for you

  4. Another thing is subjective experience. Also, the cannabis plant hasnt been fully researched. There is a ton of active cannabinoids that some plants have and some dont. Here is a list.
    Il have it listed tier style. Cbg being the precursor to thca, and thca being the precursor to thc, so on and so forth.


    Also some terpenes could have effects as well, and some even interact with the endocannabinoid system. Its funny, i just smoked a sativa, and i get anxious of weed really easily, even indicas give me anxiety some times. But this sativa lacks that paranoid edge. Im in canada and the brand and strain is


    Cbc is actually the second most prominent phytocannabinoid in the cannabis plant, but it doesnt get a whole lot of attention.

  5. Let’s ask the dude with absolutely zero medical training whatsoever what’s good for anxiety. Remember, bud tenders jobs are to sell you more pot and make more profit and don’t actually care about your anxiety at all.

  6. I use 2 smoke alot probably a quarter a day. But after all the mushrooms and opiates I get panic attacks and everything else that comes with it… sober i get set panic attacks.. does anyone know what kind of 'm" i should get at the club ?

  7. I've had a history with ocd and depression due to a stretched out amygdala, and recently had this sativa (diamond kush) that's supposed to be good for attention and getting work done. So far smoking it does noting but make me numb. The depression is still there. I've had to go back on my venlafaxine, or risk having depression to such a degree where I get nothing done, and grow apathetic. Now I don't know what to do with my prescription for medical marijuana.

  8. Strains have different phenotypes though, so one strain can have 4 or 5 different versions and some of those versions may have an energetic/anxiety inducing type high.

  9. When I first started smoking at 18 I would just get be laughing and floating but since I turned 26 I get too paranoid and feel like I’m having anxiety attacks. I don’t get it.

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