What to Know Before Starting an Indoor Hemp Grow

A quick rundown of the things you should consider before setting up an indoor space for growing medicinal hemp. From all the things a hemp plant needs to …


  1. Definitely glad that there are channels out there informing people on him and how to grow it and everything like that but where the hell did you get that people use boar in hydroponics in soil? when was the last time you saw a 15 pound hydroponic plant? There are lots of soil Growers getting upwards of Two and a Half sometimes over 3 lb of plant indoor in soil I have rarely ever seen anybody pool even over a pound on one plant in a hydroponic system.

    Let alone people going outside and some people are popping 20-plus pounds per plant. I will say it's probably easier to get an average pound to pound and a half in a hydro system vs. Soil Maybe! But if somebody has a high-yielding strain indoor the plant has the size and they are in soil and they have the environment right you can produce well over five pounds off one plant indoor. High times did a cover of somebody who grew 10 lb plant indoor 10 pounds off one plant indoor and I'm almost positive it was not a hydroponic setup it was years ago but I'm Legit positive honestly and if somebody can prove me wrong okay but on average if somebody has the genetics and the environment it needs to produce and they can't pull pounds and pounds off of soil indoor plant that is their fault as the grower all day long.

    And not talking crap but this is the truth. I've literally seen 9 foot tall plants in people's basements. Truly good Growers would be able to pull pounds upon pounds off of 9 foot tall plant indoor or outdoor.

    there is tons and tons of hype around Hydroponics and yes it has its place but you truly cannot beat and there is nothing better than the way it was created in the first place which is outdoor Sun grown in living soil with trillions upon trillions of living organisms microorganisms beneficial bacteria beneficial fungi and so many other good beneficial thing. Hydroponics you can grow good fast uniform cannabis for the most part uniform… butt crack cannabis! You don't get craft cannabis from Hydroponics people can tell you whatever they want but it truly will never ever hold a life to the smell the taste and the effect of what you're going to get when you go down to Humble or Mendocino or Trinity or certain parts of Washington and Oregon with people who have been growing most of their lives if not their entire lives and you have there genetics that they have spent years upon years working on and sifting through taste and smells and effects to come up with what they want to release to the public and then you add the craft cure going anywhere from 3 months to 6 month all the way up to 12 months plus but unlike industrial cannabis it's being moved by tons of big farms two dispensaries that is rushed product that when it sits on the Shelf for 7 months plus a lot of times sometimes over a year that product is constantly degrading impotency smell taste and look. Whereas a craft cannabis grower but I've been doing it for a long time and knows what they're doing when they do the curing process and they do it right at the end of 8 months at the end of 12 months their flower has not degraded and or the smells have gotten stronger or changed to something better and the flower still looks fantastic…

    that is and if you ever get a chance to grow your own or go to one of these old school Growers who know what they're been doing and doing it for so long and you try some of their fresh flower it will completely change your outlook on what good cannabis flowers are and the effects you should get from them. like I said nothing against Hydro it's awesome but good sun-grown outdoor Done Right is on a whole nother level in every way.

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