What is the difference between hemp and marijuana plants?

Head Consultant for Floraison, Chris Guerrin, talks about the difference between hemp and marijuana plants at the Paw Paw Hemp Company 40-acre grow field …


  1. the gov should sell drugs to everybody that needs them and those who need them will show the clean ones that its not worth being a slave to the drug is a waste of health and money ,only parasitic people benefit. we lost the war on drugs years ago.

  2. “Marijuana” and “Hemp” are simply just legal terms used by government to distinguish THC levels. It’s all Cannabis at the end of the day.

    The difference is within the genetics that determines the cannabinoid ratios of CBD to THC. Both are psychoactive with THC being the most intoxicating compound while CBD is only half as potent but makes up for it in other medicinal benefits.

    People treat Hemp and Marijuana like they’re 2 completely different flowers that smell and taste different but they’re from the exact same plant lol They’re just full of themselves and don’t know what they’re talking about besides recycling misinformation from ignorant google sources.

  3. Why does this video SUCK and is USELESS? The moron speaking doesn't inform us of, which is Hemp and which is Marijuana. He goes on muddling; not any clear partitioning to have the ability to clearly know there difference; WASTED video; terrible!👎😡

  4. Hemp is of the Cannabis Ruderalis variety and is the "industrial hemp" grown for everything but getting you stoned. But just because hemp does not get you stoned does not mean that it is not a powerful botanical in itself! Hemp is very powerful medicinally speaking, and for years has been overlooked and discredited as useless. The other Cannabis varieties are the usual suspects: sativa and indica which you know are like night and day.

  5. No way they can harvest all of that weed at once. They dry it out in a barn with morning dew that gets them wet and moldy. Have to dry them indoors with a heater on to decrease humidity in air.

  6. Both are same nothing difference, just Hybrid or local… We had so many 🌲 at a time at our House. We used mixed it with vegetables for eating, government ban it no because of USA and UN… shitty…

  7. I’ve been taking CBD oil for 2 months and see absolutely no effect at all. 3 different percentages from 2 different companies and still have all the problems I had before. Maybe I am immune if it’s effects? Or, maybe it has no effects. I am a little disappointed, to be honest. I heard all these amazing things about it and really hoped it would reduce chronic pain, reduce anxiety and help me sleep. But, I got no benefit from it. Good luck if you do.

  8. So, it's the same plant, exactly? If f that's true and Hemp THC levels rise so they have to be tested weekly, then it can turn into Marajuana, right? How do you lower the THC if your weekly tests showing it starting to rise? Do you have to rip it all out and start all over again? Like isn't there some way to buy a variety of hemp that is tested and proven to stay within the legal % limit?

  9. I just bought some body wash with this herb and I was thinking it was something else..(still learning my herbs)..Come to find out its the marijuana plant with only a small percentage of the THC chemical!!.And come to find out, President Trump legalized hemp a year ago..Well at least I'm not breaking any laws.🤣!

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