1. Hey Meghin! I was wondering what strain/kind of the CBD flower from Tweedle Farms do you get? Or what have you found most helpful for your vulval pain? I tried to follow the link but it brought me to a 404 page, and I browsed through all their products but am not sure which to get. Thanks!

  2. Honestly, for the longest time I was against using marijuana. I live in Colorado and I was pissed when they legalized it recreationally lol. BUT once I started experiencing anxiety and sleeping problems these last few years (amongst my vaginal problems also), my doctors prescribed me drugs that made me feel just awful. My husband really pushed for me to try marijuana to help. So I did, and really it is so much better with little to no side effects. I am now thankful to live in a state that allows it recreationally. I only use it for medical purposes but its ridiculous how many doctors refuse to even talk about it's use for mental health. I hope they legalize it everywhere eventually because it has really made a difference in my life. And I truly hope that the suppositories work for you when you get to try them! As always, I love your videos and your honesty. I appreciate the topics you're willing to talk about. Watching your videos makes me feel like I'm going to be ok and I'll make it through, too. Thank you! 💕

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