Wellington.Scoop » “Freedom” march to Parliament causes delays and disruptions in CBD

RNZ photo

A protest organised by a group calling itself the “Freedom & Rights Coalition” marched from Civic Square to Parliament today, causing congestion in the CBD. About 3000 were in the march, including some with banners supporting former President Trump.

Metlink said the march caused delays, as buses were detoured away from the CBD from 10am.

The DomPost reported that about 2000 people had gathered in Civic Square by 11am, preparing to march to Parliament. The marchers had increased to about 3000 when they set out down Willis Street and Lambton Quay.

RNZ reported that 150 motorbikes travelled down Willis Street behind the protestors, followed by police.

RNZ reported: Their motives were unclear; some angry at lockdowns, the vaccine and vaccine mandates. They arrived calling themselves freedom fighters and made sure they were heard by the decision makers inside Parliament Buildings. Snaking through the city, they hurled abuse at media and the police – demanding an end to Covid-19 restrictions.

The NZ Herald reported that the demonstrators planned to present “realistic demands” on the steps of Parliament. They wanted an end to lockdowns and public health measures, and they claimed it was “time to learn to live with Covid-19”, “shut down testing stations”, and treat the deadly virus like “the flu”.

demo at parlt
RNZ photo

At Parliament most access points were closed. The crowd filled the grounds of parliament, and speeches were delivered. RNZ reported that the crowd was booing and cheering. Some were waving Trump flags. After the speeches, some people threw tennis balls at police who were guarding the building.

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