Watch: Cannabis cultivation crackdown

From a half-a-million-pound cannabis farm in a disused warehouse to a cannabis grow in a bedroom – the range of Nottinghamshire’s drugs-busting abilities are …


  1. this police force are the worst. send summons for court to wrong addresses, even after the officer comes to your new address to ask you to go for a voluntary interview, then they rough house you for wondering wtf is going on. scumbags

  2. Why is Nottinghamshire police refusing to provide us with a freedom of information request regarding the drug tests and drug taking of Nottinghamshire police officers? Are you covering up the fact that it is actually the police that are… drug taking.. drug growing…. drug selling, etc? We already know your police have been selling the equipment.

  3. Time to stop being actors with attitude and do your job. Craig may be a good idea to stop trying to make you team look good on TV because it’s not working. The truth will come out about your abuse of Alex Belfield, time to pack you bags and take the Rottweiler with you. The police service deserves better.

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