VIDEO: House passes recreational marijuana bill, sends it back to Senate

Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed a revised recreational marijuana bill before sending it back to the state Senate.


  1. you all are pathetic politicians this government needs to listen to science rather than listing and debating over a cure for cancer what are you trying to hide ass holes

  2. Most people in the world are dumb but that's ok because they can be dumber so yeah go ahead & pass it every state should shit mise well make US like Amsterdam where all drugs are legal hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😲

  3. Colorado's not trying to get rid of the weed you idiot. You people just don't want it because you think it's bad and don't want people to be able to start their own businesses with a substance that is widely sought out throughout the entire world. Colorado's not trying to reverse it, but they do need to put all the exorbitant taxes to good use

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