1. Communists masquerading as Democrats in OUR State Legislature divided by their own “greed” ! No consideration given to YOU the voting citizen who must suffer the results of their Marxist agenda to destroy our society. No mention of the “tidal wave” of “lost and broken” lives that is proven to follow the legalization of marijuana. No mention of the “organized crime” organizations poised to come into our state to cash in on the “stupidity” of greedy Marxists calling themselves legislators. They are ready to “undercut” the State’s regulated price thus controlling the price and distribution of marijuana with no repercussions. This includes other “hard drugs” and where there are drugs there are “gang bangers” with guns to control their turf. How many more bystanders and innocents will be caught in the crossfire of these EVIL people. How many more deaths of motorists and pedestrians does their have to be. When there are politicians, organized crime and narcotics involved it is a given that “corruption” and “pay offs” is the motivating force of those wishing to make it happen. WE DID’T VOTE FOR THIS ! THOSE IN FAVOR OF THIS CORRUPTION NEED TO GO !

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