Vegan gummy recipe. How to cook CBD gummies

Hiram, the cofounder of Canbiance shares their recipe for a vegan CBD gummy. In this video, a pre-workout infused gummy is made averaging out 25 mg each …


  1. So.. converted pectin, puree for cellulose, sugar, inulin, and tapioca syrup are your gummy matrix agents.. interesting..

    I will have to test this out.

    Awhile back I perfected a non-vegan medicinal gummy using a blend of gelatin and pectin and karo syrup, sugar and other items. the pectin really helps raise the melt point of the final gummy. I also add a mold inhibitor and vitiman c powder as an anti-oxidant to help retain potency. I started researching and experimenting with a vegan version myself.. using a wide variety of gelling agents such as agar, carrageenan, gellan gum, etc.. plus various combos.. I was even in email contact with the head test chef at Modern Pantry a company that provides access to rarer ingredients to help bring molecular gastronomy to the masses/home.. (I had issues with their over the counter Vegan gummy mix which is carrageenan based as my gas stove was heating the hydrated mix too rapidly and over swelling and basically seizing). Trouble is I only have a passing knowledge of chemistry and cooking but am a fast learner, being an autodidact.. Plus I'm working out of a limited home kitchen on a limited budget as well.. but I have intelligence, drive, and free time at least (as I am disabled and on disability), lol..

    While I could come up with gummies that would somewhat 'worked' for their purpose.. I am seeking a superior end product that has a great chewy texture (agar is too brittle and doesn't 'feel' right for a gummy) that holds up under handling so it doesn't fall apart of melt in say someone's pocket . It should be yummy and have the right textures and right durability.. I didn't quite find it after months of a lot of deep research, email chains with pro chefs and experimentation.. and put it on the back burner for a future revisit.. as it wasn't pressing as I often just find projects for myself just to do them, as a means to teach myself new skills and challenge myself.

    But this video has me intrigued.. and I'm considering a revisit.. I have most of the ingredients and all of the hardware, including the dehydrator.. I'd just have to figure out how to convert the medicinal tincture extracts for this specific method as they are liquid Soxhlet extracts from dried mushrooms such as lions man, reshi, cordyceps, etc.. (I don't have a rotary evaporator, too expensive). I use the extract as my 'water' for my non-vegan gummy and it works amazingly.. tho here it may disrupt the formation perhaps.. but that's the challenge of adaptation..

    I'll give this a virgin go without an active ingredient to test the end product for it's efficacy for my needs at least.. thanks SO much for sharing it. If I find any interesting notes and/or succeed in my quest for converting this for mushroom suppliment. I will freely share my results back of course.. information should be freely shared.

    I am a hobbiest home mycologist, I grow medicinal mushrooms for myself and a small circle of friends.. I started this as something to learn and do for fun but also because of my ongoing heath issues and specifically because dementia and Alzheimer's runs in my family, my father is currently suffering from it.. and I'd read about the amazing properties of Lion's mane on repairing and protecting the brain.. and that started me down this path.. that and too much free time and an active knowledge hungry brain and a body that is somewhat limited on physical activities.. before I retired, I was a professional audio engineer for 25+ years..

    Much thanks again for sharing your recipe and technique. The info out there for vegan gummies IS so very limited.. and if this works for me, it will allow me to provide medicinal suppliments for my vegan friends. So I am sure they thank you as well.. I will support your efforts as well and check your store, perhaps getting the tapicoa syrup thru you (especially to make sure I get the right Brix rating one, I know that importance)

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