USING CBD TO QUIT SMOKING WEED (Does it really work?)

Using CBD to quit smoking weed or quit using THC products can be a great option. Many people use CBD oil or CBD products to help manage the THC …


  1. Currently freeing myself from marijuana. So far I’ve cut my consumption by over 2/3rds and am now looking to finally execute this horrible addiction once and for all. Looking for anything and everything that helps.

  2. Thanks man this really helps a lot. I've been growing plants for 2 years now and finally decided to grow some cbd plants. After smoking the cbd after it had grown it opened my eyes to the possibility of actually quitting thc, yes i know I'm just jumping to another substance but that is seriously better than getting depressed or worse from doing a cold turkey. Its been 3 days since I quit is there any advice people can give?

  3. Im currently using cbd to quit thc, I;'ve smoked every day since 2006, since I was 18 or 19 (currently 33). I get what you're saying about not smoking it. I got pre-rolled and capsules and i find myself wanting the joint way more than the capsule. The ritual of smoking is very ingrained. This time i will not relapse.

  4. I’m currently in day 3 of my path to a better life without weed. I recently gave up alcohol and he’s absolutely right when he says “making peace with yourself” is the hardest but arguably the most important. I’m glad I seen this as I’ve just bought some gummies for bedtime but will 100% abstain for two weeks as I get the science behind it. Does anyone keep a cravings log? Ever day when I have a thoughts of relapsing I make a note so hopefully when I look back over it, I should see a steady decline as-well but for now I’m still coming to turns with life without weed. And I’m ok with that.

  5. I am addicted to carts for sure. Will basically suck them dry. For now I’ve switched to carts that are only 20% delta 8 instead of 95 and have equal parts cbd and cbg. Basically gonna use those till I run out and then switch over to just cbd/cbg carts for awhile kinda how smokers switch to vaping. But how to get off the habit of frequented vaping something is the hard part

  6. Interesting idea, using cbd to quit thc.
    Seems like harm reduction.
    From my experience cbd gives relief without euphoria.
    Also, in a legal state, you can get full spectrum cbd that has very small amount of thc. Have heard that full spectrum is more effective than isolate.
    But wonder if that low thc, like 1-2 mg, is enough to trigger thc relapse.
    Then again I would take like 30 mg thc edibles which gives intense euphoria, so 1 mg thc in full spectrum cbd is negligible amount

  7. I noticed you mentioned delta-8, what’s your opinion on using this while trying to kick weed? I stopped for only about two days and already just feel nauseous and don’t want to eat or do anything. I know you can get delta-8 in the same gummy form as CBD, if you had to choose one, which one would you recommend?

  8. I'm on day 2 of my at least 2 week break. Eventually, I think weed caused my anxiety to spike and become so bad I can't even leave the house. My withdrawal is starting to get pretty bad. On top of it, I just found out my ex has a new partner 🥲 .. only thing that's helping me is watching your videos. I truly feel awful right now. I'm so depressed and anxious. Anyone who says weed doesn't have cons is ignorant.

  9. Everything you said is so spot on. I remember before I even used thc my sweat used to smell like it which was peculiar to me. After years of thc use cbd did help me quit, but I began using it like thc and I think it stopped working. This last time I quit thc I tapered my use and mixed it with cbd. After about a week I quit everything and it’s been great. My natural appetite is back, but I do have some fatigue. I think I need to increase my fruit, veggies, fitness and possibly vitamins. Over all that last part you said about coming to peace with it not being enjoyable anymore is what I’m feeling.

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