1. Sounds like a police problem not a citizen problem, every citizen arrested for CBD should sue. It's not the citizen's responsibility to ensure law enforcement's testing methods are accurate. In fact it could be argued law enforcement is negligent in using methods they know to return false positives. Fuck these people, citizens must learn to stop being so helpless.

  2. I would defend myself by any means if someone is trying to throw me in a cage for something that the company I work for sells. It's like arresting a grandma for buying milk at the store. There's some things you shouldn't put up with

  3. cbd is hemp derived and has no psychoactive effects. People rely on this for day to day life instead of their own medication because it’s better and doesn’t harm them long term i don’t get why they always jump back on their words

  4. If their test doesnt work, why use it all? Its like giving speeding tickets to people because their car looks fast, except worse since cannabis penalties can be so harsh.

    Hopefully many challenges will take place to get rid of this crap. Same with the "smell" test or dog detection, they cant tell the difference between legal hemp and marijuana by smell, so the presence of a cannabis smell shouldnt ever be a probable cause type situation

  5. How many people die from narcotics and benzos thousands
    How many people die from cbd or marijuana none
    Point being take all man made poison away and Is prescribe natural medicine meaning medical marijuana or cbd and they won't be any overdosees

  6. Any police officer who arrests someone for weed is a terrorist themselves and should be removed from there position. The world is suffering enough, we don’t need our tax money being wasted on these fucking idiots who harass, scare, and ruin peoples lives because people want to heal themselves with a plant that is completely safe and that humans have been using since the beginning of recorded history. People need to stop supporting cops. If you see a cop let them know how you feel. If you own a restraunt or something and a police offer comes in don’t serve them. Tell them they are not welcomed in your business. It’s not just weed, it’s about how stupid and ignorant this order following idiots are and the system that these horrible fucking politicians have created. Police are domestic terrorists, politicians are terrorist criminals and the system of law that they have created protects them and enslaved us. Until enough people see this and step outside of this failing system and into something that actually works and benefits society, then we will get no where and humanity will continue to suffer.

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