Treating Bipolar Disorder with Medical Marijuana – The Effectiveness of Cannabis

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood changes ranging from mania with a loss of connection to reality and major depressive episodes. There are a …


  1. I have bipolar 1 and have used marijuana since I was 13, I received my diagnoses at 14. In my experience marijuana has always helped me manage my symptoms. I have also gone without using it for years at a time and always go back to it when I start struggling again. Even very small amounts of use ease my symptoms and I believe it works better than any of the medications I’ve ever been on

  2. I use it in conjunction with an antidepressant and a anticonvulsant. It’s incredible. It’s from God, it can be used to heal people. But they want us all on pills. Pray to God, smoke a sativa in the daytime and an indica at night. Do this and your life will change.

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