Toni Braxton on living with Lupus and the benefits of CBD

Toni Braxton is gearing up for a new album and filming another season of Braxton Family Values. TheGrio sat down with the superstar to discuss her ongoing …


  1. I’m absolutely terrified to with Lupus disease I don't think I will try this medication again. The migraine was sooooo intense I needed 3 Advil every 6 hours to quiet it down. My rheumatologist isn’t in the office til Wednesday but I don’t think I’m going to continue with this which makes me sad as I read it’s a miracle drug. 😢 But all to know Avail. I decided to make a research on my own imma discover people testify about how did Got cured of lupus and so many other diseases so I decided to give it a try they call nature medicine after taking it all my problems will solve I'm so free and happy get to know him also he is a great healer…

  2. 3 – 11 – 2020 I started using the Uncle Bud's after I saw an interview of yours on another show. I too have chronic pain in my legs and feet. Just started using it yesterday and it does lessen the pain more each day. Some areas have stopped hurting altogether. Thanks so much for bringing this product to the attention of the general public. Trust me, this product as a remedy WOULD NOT have been my first choice but it does work so far. You're a godsend.

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