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The weed legend Tommy Chong takes Sean Evans on a trip through his very green grow house. Subscribe to Complex for More: Check out …


  1. My Noewegian government put me in jail for 10 days for "drug smuggling".
    The incident happened in 2007.

    I pleaded not guilty.
    My 10 days in the joint was spent in 2011
    Stated it was for medical purposes.

    And smoked cannabis every day while in the joint after chopping woods and punching a punching bag.
    Now, I have it LEGALLY!

  2. Thank God for THC oils and pills. I was a "normal cigarette" smoker for 30 or 35 years and quit just a few years ago; and I am totally against smoking weed. Hear me out. It's the act of physical smoking I'm against (and by that I mean: the intentional sucking of smoke into your lungs). I'm a firm believer that your lungs were not meant to have any kind of smoke drawn into them! And every new year, I'm a little more thankful I don't have lung cancer yet. I cannot believe that the smoking of weed does no harm to your lungs!

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