The Sweet Side of CBD You Didn't Know About

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  1. I've been looking for something legal and healthy to aid with my irritability and anxiety so I'm so glad that this showed up. I knew about CBD previously but I have always seen it as a luxury priced item. I just ordered the 5 pack pre-rolls which I feel are reasonably priced. I'm so excited to try it out

  2. i’m sorry, i call bs on this. legal cbd doesn’t have this effect. i’ve taken the highest dosage, ate edibles, smoked it whatever and barely felt anything. i got it for epilepsy and it didn’t anything for me. legalize regular marijuana, i know that stuff works.

  3. I wish products like this were as available over here in the uk as they are in America.

    My partner and I both have disabilities and chronic illness including chronic pain, etc, and my doctor has straight up told me for years that if they legalise it to be prescribed then he thinks marijuana or cbd would really help me, but at the moment doctors can only prescribe for a very very limited list of conditions, and I have tried a few different cbd oils but to be honest, because there aren’t any regulations on cbd products that are available to buy here, you don’t actually know if there is any effective ingredient in what you’re buying so I haven’t found anything that seems to have any effect.

    I really hope our laws catch up on the medical benefits soon

  4. Aww, I wish I’d seen this before end of November when I was online ordering all my gifts! The honey in particular would be a cool gift. Anyway, I love CBD and use it to help with autoimmune pain/inflammation, so I’m glad to find Sweets CBD and now following ‘em and will be ordering after the holidays for sure! 🎄

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