The Leaves Were Used For Medicine To Heal The Nations, Revelation 22:2

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  1. Exactly
    My twins had turrets put them on zoloft to be in school per school!
    I pulled them off after 3 mo! CBD as well works great for them.
    Even did not need IEP anymore🙏🏼☦🛐Thank You Jesus
    God Bless your Company going to try yours and doggie treats too😍😁✌🏻

  2. I found low quality cbd makes u drowsy. I'm so happy u r explaining CBD
    Its definitely a misunderstood wonder ! In fact their is question on if it wasn't holy oil they used in biblical days for healings😍🙏🏼🙌🏼☦

  3. Rachel
    I hope this finds you! I just found u
    GOD PUT U ON MY U TUBE! I had never heard of you. WOW u r part of where God wants me to be.
    I would love to chat with u if possible. U r like my soul sister! I have not found a people with all same beliefs and drivin goals to speak Gods Truth
    I too have had many God miracles.
    Its been a weird process to have God remove me from All that is not from Him.
    Meds Dr.s, etcc
    I have been called all kinds of things and shunned due to the Truth path Jesus has me on. I will never concede to Vax or
    Dr. opinions. Unless God decerns me too. I have never been healthier !
    CBD for my restrictive cardiomyopathy and Arthritis
    Turmeric zinc B12
    Vit D has kept me healthy and off Big Pharma
    I've turned to The Old Ways even in food products especially. What's grown by God works Amazing🤗
    Its Beautiful to find like minded People. Thank you All . I can't tell u enough how wonderful and life changing to find You. Glad to have some California Patriots!
    Prayers up for yall and President Trump!
    Godspeed ✌🏻🇺🇸💞🇮🇱🙏🏼🙌🏼

  4. I almost ordered but I backed out. Way too many agreements to read and I being somewhat dyslexic plus eye trouble with computer screen, I didn't want to unknowingly agree to get monthly shipments or become a sales rep. It looks like I was being steered into sales rep and its just too much to read all and understand it all.

  5. Well you know God made man and God made pot, but he didn't make man to smoke a lot. Seriously though, there are so many natural ingredients from plants and such that can be beneficial, and there are so many things from plants that can be poisonous too.

  6. My younger brother suffers from chronic neck and back pain from previous injuries and won’t take pain pills. He said he tried CBD and it didn’t work for him. I’m guessing he just didn’t have the RIGHT CBD. I’m hoping there’s a link to Todd’s products so I can buy some for him.

  7. I am a wellness chef and specialize in food as medicine. Medicine=food and botanicals, laughter, sunshine, nature, sleep, a hug, time with those we love. Pharmaceuticals and the companies who concoct them are practicing witchcraft, aka pharmakeia. This is why “magic” always comes with a price. It’s a hook. One leads to need for another, then another, then another…and NOTHING is resolved.

    Food and therefore food grade supplements are the true medicine. It provides the building blocks so that the body, in its God-given wisdom and design, can heal naturally.

  8. The pharmaceutical companies are cults🤨. It just makes me so mad the way the devil makes what is good bad and bad good! Just for that, I’m gonna take CBD instead of their stupid drugs😅😂. Thank You, Rachel🥰.

  9. Thank you for searching further .
    The world will start to think critically more it just takes a bit for the engine to start to steam and the pressure to build and when this train turns around and starts to get going it will never turn back . It’s physics

  10. Thank you Rachel I needed to hear this myself because I'm going through some the same thing you are. ❤ Praise the Lord What testimony today 🙌 🙏 hopefully we will find what we need here on your show or here I. NC OR TN

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