THE HARD PART OF EPILEPSY Aurora had 8 seizures in a row and we couldn’t control them with medication. This is definitely the hard part of epilepsy. We do …


  1. The best parents hats off to you guys… ❤️ This made me cry going through to your videos iam a new subscriber from philippines iam just proud and blessed to discover your chanel God bless you and your awesome family.

  2. I was diagnosed when I was in kindergarten. I feel for them but they seem to handle it well by staying calm which is hard to do while watching it happen. Hopefully since this video was shot they found the right medication and dose.

  3. Have you thought of getting her a seizure alert dog? my son also has epilepsy, he has had it since he was a baby. he is now 48 and Airie is the best thing we ever got for him, she alerts him and us before he starts to have a seizure this way he can get himself in a safe place. she goes everywhere with him.

  4. I will pray for u. it will be ok .i have them to ii'v had seizures since i was 15 moths old and thay have not figured out whathas caused them either .she will be ok.gest ptay for her.

  5. you are amazing parents i think you two should think about cbd oil or medication i had lots of seizures my Drs tried my normal medication that worked they tried the extendent realeas that didn't work at all i had back to back seizures non stop so my mom thought why not cbd in pill form i have been seizure free and have been having normal sleep study and brain scans no seizure activity that my drs could see

  6. This was so sad to watch God bless her and your Family. Please consider doing keto diet for her to control her seizures its so good for epilepsy and it may even prevent seizures.

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