The Great Resignation | Q+A

With the ‘Great Resignation’ taking hold in the US, are Australian workers also preparing to leave traditional jobs and embrace a new approach to work?


  1. Trump wasn't trying to drain the swamp. He was simply redecorating.
    If you want to drain the swamp you have to do it from the bottom. Our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution. They wrote it in such a way that this country can be ruled from the bottom up. If every state passes the same law then it is the law of the land. And the only people who can override that law is the Supreme Court. They and their families has to live among us. If every state passes the same law then it is a Unity law.
    The first Unity law that should be passed is attendance requirements for Congress. A couple of thousand students go to Washington every year to see our government in action. Congress is in session and nobody's there. Senators and representatives should be required to meet a 90% attendance rate. These people are not important enough to be impeached. They should get R&R. Recalled and Replaced.
    Every States has the right replace certain restrictions on their senators and representatives just as corporations have the right to have a moral clause.
    The second Unity law that should be passed is Lobby restrictions.
    If someone wants to Lobby Congress it should only be allowed to be done on the floor Congress. You want the lobby representative you do it on the floor of the house. If you want the lobbyists senator you do it on the floor of the Senate. This makes it easier you get rid of crooked politicians. With multi media this campaign can easily go Nationwide..

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