The Enemy Is Fiat Currency, Not Gold | Michael Saylor's War On Gold | The People's Talk Show

Billionaire Michael Saylor has started a war against gold. Why can’t both gold and bitcoin exist together as an inflation hedge? In this RTD Live Talk, I share my …


  1. Why would Saylor trap himself and his company? Max Keiser was a gold bug and preached the same message long before Saylor. Weve watched you miss the call on Bitcoin a few years ago already. youre going to double down?

  2. You always make a nice video 😊 but I’m really tired of future predictions… it drives me crazy. I think crypto investment is better than stocks. Though I failed sometimes ago when I tried trading myself but Edna Wilson helps me now

  3. Technocrat playing the world 🌎 of human capital and human resources and intrinsic metals and element for fiat. Archaic trade by barter goods for goods, service for service exchange or vice versa goods for services or service for goods service is the currency exchange. Zimbabwe $1 millions, Billions, trillion zero's notes have a heavy rock on the 🌕 moon to keep equilibrium price constant on wheel barrows for a loaf of bread 🍞 crumbs. You can't buy or Sale money. is either trading fiat for fiat or intrinsic for intrinsic value trade by barter? Gain your weight food for thought.

  4. You know, Mike…my first impression of him was decidedly suspect. But he is a smooth talker! I Can be gullible…I'm not surprised to get your take. And of course Sawyer was introduced by another Cryptocurrency promoter.
    I do think both will exist in the future. However, if one must go…it will not be Gold!

  5. Saylor is a nob. If he just dismissed gold and didnt talk about it fair enough but its almost like he has taken on the mantle of high priest destroyer of gold, if he cared about people he wouldnt be talking so much shit about gold…i totally agree with you mike. It's only a couple of weeks since wolf face saylor told us that gold is dead, if gold is dead why does he need to wage war on it?

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