The Debate Overing Legalizing Recreational Marijuana In Mass.

They’re at it again in the Massachusetts legislature — debating whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. Such use is already legal in four states …


  1. Most people, simply won't bother "smoking" marijuana. And will do a pill, with time-released THC. Children will do the pills, with much-reduced THC, on the full-moon, 3-day (Do most women need 4 days to finish menses?) weekend, adolescents will do the pills on the weekend. Starting after school on Friday,,, ))) Obviously changing the calendar to 13 months will simplify life for women,,, 600+ unique substances in marijuana paste, potentially more if allowed to fully mature.

  2. This cop is really wrong. Prohibition doesn't work in drugs. We need to legalize it and regulate it. Colorado gets millions each year in revenue. Nobody ever died from marijuana but 500,000 die each year from alcohol and tobacco, so this cop is really making a bad argument to criminalize marijuana. Clearly he lacks education citing phony statistics maintaining that drinking and driving is as bad as smoking weed and driving. The police want it criminalized because they get Federal money to enforce laws against it.

  3. Weed makes me NOT be able to safely drive a car, that's for sure. But I don't drive when drunk either!
    Alcohol contributes to so much OTHER crimes. It's heavily involved in violence on the streets and violence in the home. I can't see how people can smoke weed and be violent. Everyone I know who smokes weed just becomes more loving and chill.

  4. i think blaming weed for an increase in car accidents is a dumb argument that they haven't researched enough to determine if it was in fact marijuana. The reason I question it is because I'm sure the increase in drivers who drive high did not go up 112% since it was made legal. People have been driving high even before then. The actual reality is that the number of drivers who test positive for weed after an accident has gone up but this is attributed to the fact that they now test people for marijuana after a car accident whereas before they didn't usually test. This doesn't mean that marijuana caused the accidents it just means that more people are being tested for it after an accident. Also the 5ng/mL policy that Colorado and Washington have are both ridiculous and not based in any actual science. I smoke pretty regularly and I'm quite sure that even if I didn't smoke at all today I'd test at a higher amount than 5ng/mL but that doesn't mean I'm currently high.

  5. you will never stop teens from experimenting ever!!!! better kids smoking weed then drinking weed helped me in school academically but also got me expelled cause it's illegal I had add or ADHD not sure which one exactly but fuck aderol and riddilin or however you spell them it's amphetamines they give children for that and for all the elderly people who don't know that's what old school diet pills are made of!!!

  6. The cops real reason for being opposed: He'll probably lose his job, along with a huge portion of the police force.
    They won't have nearly as much to do if they stop looking for harmless people like myself who realize it is just a plant from the earth. He mentioned "It's a real problem if kids use it" Why? It's the oldest, and safest medication known to man. So what if it also happens to make them happy and laugh a lot. If they want to get high, they're going to get high on something. Wether it's paint thinner, bath salts or cannabis. I think it's pretty clear which one is the least harmful. Plus there are studies now showing you that not only does not harm your brain, but that it can make you more creative.

  7. legalization is good because we can regulate how it's distributed. Yes kids are going to drink and smoke and the only way to help them is to educate them on how to handle the offer to smoke or drink. I'd rather have the education than a restriction that doesn't work because it's how we help our kids.

  8. Alcohol socially excepted is a dumb argument, it's socially excepted because it's legal and weed isn't, I've drank enough alcohol to not be able to walk, if you drink enough alcohol it kills you, you can't overdose on weed

  9. SAM = Stupid Ass Motherfuckers. Literally news story after news story of cannabis helping people with their pain, disease, sickness, seizures, MS, Migraines etc.. Not to mention that cannabis properties have cancer fighting properties and cancer killing properties.

    I'm so sick of hearing from police officer's like this sheriff who seizes people's money, cars, property, boats and then turns around and uses that money for his department. At the same time ruining people's lives for something that is 1 not for kids & 2 is far safer.

    This sheriff alcohol is a sociable and weed isn't.

  10. Cannabis is just as much apart of our culture as alcohol! Hemp was grown at the beginning of our country. George Washington grew hemp! I bet this cop goes and "socially " gets drunk with his cop buddies every weekend and drives home me. Hypocritical bullshit! FREE CANNABIS NOW!!!

  11. Wtf his answer was "culturally accepted" ya bitch that's what we are trying to change! Cannabis is a healthier recreational drug than the culturally accepted alcohol. This ignorance is killing me ugh

  12. If you legalize Marijuanna then you Take away some Jobs for cops, I believe that's why he won't admit to it. I also believe he is either being paid by lobbyists or was specifically told not to make Marijuanna good.

  13.  The press and TV stations  should stop using cops  as opponents  there uneducated  on  cannabis they only know to arrest there way to court case after case  and love the OT cash cow   

  14. The law makers  are not legalizing  Cannabis  . Legalizing cannabis is simple  you make the law allow the present  illegal  system to wit  { black market }  a  legal  system , The idea of free enter prize  without taxation  is simple  you see currently  the state  pays for arrest and court cost / prisons / thousands of hours  if you legalize  all that ends  , as to regulatory system  re inventing the wheel  say you  the legal age is 18 yR and there should be no punishment or fine /// legalization  should be like tomatoes  … this cop like all cops tells out right  LIEs    I guess  for living its his cash cow  . why even have cops present ?    as for  CO , the state stats  does not  does NOT  reveal  any  increase of death due to marijuana driving  and DWIs are in fact DOWN  , as is crime  . ,Please  no measure can be made in  any level  as a Nano gram being presents of  :  because  there is no per se level  limited for THC   .so cop lies again  as  measured  for  intoxication  for THC  or its effects as to driving  has not been measure  , they using  2NG as base but that is not a true level its a measurements of THC COOH 
    legalization  has to be free like tomatoes  because  the whole point is to end law enforcement and punishments  though fines and imprisonment ,  Once you see the light the beauty of freedom  in  liberty   the public  will not be thinking  they  need a law enforcement person to arrest a cannabis user . Not  at any age as that system has failed …..please understand common law  as  no one is a criminal  the law makes criminals which the police used  as numbers   out of users  by prohibition it self ,  so stop that , Legalize and  realize  then thank all for the peace it will  created  ,

  15. 2:44… "The point is it's an addictive drug, just like tobacco."

    No… it's actually NOT addictive just like tobacco. The addiction rate for tobacco is between 25-30%. The addiction rate for Cannabis is reportedly around 9%. I know what addiction is, as I am addicted to tobacco. I get cravings for it. I have never had a craving for weed. It doesn't have nicotine in it. If she would look at studies, and actually do research, she'll find that most people in the know rank Cannabis below or equal to coffee in terms of addiction. She really needs to study up a bit.

  16. So a cop who's on a commission that has completely failed to implement medical marijuana is the go to person on this issue? What a joke. He also displays a willingness to lie and spread propaganda. He knows as well as I that a toxicology report indicating cannabis in the blood does not mean that driver was impaired. Cannabis can stay in the system up to a month. Law enforcement is making a fool out of themselves.

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