1. Weird how theyre so quick to act when it comes to prohibiting substances, even when they're fairly safe. Yet for some reason marijuana is still illegal despite there being no reason for it to be illegal at all…

  2. I smoke small amounts of weed all day every day. Ive cut it for months before and i revert to the way i was in high school, depressed and almost sociopathic. It does something with my brain that switches the light on, i feel empathy and care about life. Im truly crippled by depression and its a perfect solution. It must be legalized. No risk and great reward to legalization

  3. Delta-8 is not illegal in Texas only the Texas House can put a law into place! All you are hearing is propaganda. That being said Delta-8 is not illegal in Texas! You can still buy Delta-8.

  4. Marijuana is decriminalized in Dallas and Harris (Houston) County, you can possess up to 4 ounces in Dallas and only get a ticket so Texas in large cities is very pro weed. Texas as a whole is super republican so it won’t be statewide legs for several years 😭

  5. smoking distillate is the most dog ass product. when you smoke it you’re just like “okay i’m high”, but with any full spectrum such as flower, rosin, hash etc when you smoke it you get hit with “holy shit in feel relaxed & i’m high”. it’s a totally different high. that relaxation is paired with creativity, motivation, clearer thinking due to less anxiety it’s a land slide of positive emotions (unless you have a bad trip)

  6. IN my experience THC O wasnt anything special, my biggest dislike had to be the taste of it when smoked taste nothing like normal thc and the effects from it for 1 arn't instant like delta 8 or normal thc. Took me around 10 to 15 min until feel the effects from it. The take away from it that i had was just almost a lazy high. nothing like its 3 times stronger than normal thc or even delta 8 or any type of hallucination feeling. Just my 2 cents on it i guess who knows though maybe different for others.

  7. WHELP, that fucking sucks.
    I was going to load up on D8 the moment my "Sober October" ended, but I guess I'm not doing that, now. Back to giving myself liver cirrhosis, then!

  8. Tested d8 does exist…there’s an easy way to know exactly “wtf is in it”. Stop buying weed off the street lol👌🏼 idk if people really don’t care what’s in it or they think not knowing and not caring makes them seem edgy but there’s very easy ways to buy only tested weed

  9. Haven’t we learned anything from K2 that synthetic weed is actually harmful anyways? There have been life threatening hospitalizations from delta-8 2 of them were in the ICU. 2 of them were minors but I’ve never heard unintentional consumption of naturally occurring thc put minors in the ICU. This hemp derived delta-8 is synthetically converted from CBD. Which means they use additional chemicals to isolate the cbd and even more chemicals to change its molecular structure into something that gets you high. Then they spray it on to cbd buds. Just like spice. I already have a problem with cannabis becoming something it never was and the legalization of it has only led people to grow it in labs and use artificial selection, pesticides, steroids and hormones in the seeds as well as additional chemicals in the soil to essentially ensure the highest yield and highest thc percentages to ensure the highest amount of profit. Sure I get it business need to eat. But marijuana is a spiritual medicinal plant not meant to be abused or used just to get you “high” when your bored. Just as I don’t trust these pharmacies who sell drugs I don’t trust these corporate boards trying to maximize the profit margin and cut corners at every turn. I’ve quit smoking and the only way I’ll ever smoke again if it’s grown in Jamaica. Only Real Rastafari know how to treat and grow it fortunately

  10. I would rather run the risk of possession of real weed than bother with any of this fake stuff.
    I also think Woody should try some real weed before he thinks he knows what it's all about. My understanding is he's only tried Delta 8 and a distillate vape pen

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