Stockton University holds cannabis career fair as NJ’s recreational marijuana industry gets closer

The cannabis industry is gearing up for the time when adult-use sales begin in New Jersey. And part of that process involves finding the workforce to make it possible.

Stockton University held a cannabis career fair on Wednesday for people who are interested in learning more about the industry.

“The [Cannabis Regulatory Commission] has until the middle or end of February to select a starting date for the adult-use sales. We’re hoping sooner rather than later,” says Spencer Betz, marketing manager for The Botanist New Jersey.

And to prepare for that day, The Botanist New Jersey is recruiting, along with several other businesses like Roll Up Life Inc. – a cannabis delivery service. Both companies were at Wednesday’s career fair.

“Our cultivation is quadrupling and our employee input is going to grow with that, as well as our processing. We’re expanding our manufacturing as well,” Belz says. “We’re going to start building that to be able to offer a wider range of our products and on the retail side, we’re going to need to be able to service the large volume of patients and now customers coming in.”

Stockton University students like Jack Arnold and Jordan Deabreu says that they are eager to get into the industry.

“I’m more of the cultivation growing concentration aspect, where [Deabreu is] more of the marketing aspect. So I would like to learn how to grow so I can use that on my own and start my own company,” says Arnold.

Grower, processor and lab testing applications will be accepted beginning on Dec. 15. Dispensary applications will start on March 15.

Experts say that the job possibilities are endless.

“You have companies that are coming in as cultivators who are going to need electricians and plumbers, not to mention just their cannabis staff – growers, sales and all of that, marketing team, the ancillary services that come with it, so the industry is looking very, very wide open,” says Roll Up Life Inc. CEO Tiyahnn Bryant.

Stockton University offers a minor in cannabis studies and a certificate program.

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