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Taking Care Yourself: How to Take Care of Yourself and Recovery from Pain with these products. 🏋️‍♂️ ☞ SOURCE LIST: …


  1. The pain in the back of your shoulder after benching could be your supraspinatus being impinged. You have to be careful of your rotator cuff you don't want to develop a tendonopathy, tear or frozen shoulders. If this is the case you should do sleeper stretches regularly to stretch your posterior capsule, ad some scapular protraction and retraction like scapular push ups. Work on internal and external rotation of the shoulder with light weights. Warm up your shoulders and back with "shoulder wall W's" and try to fix your shoulder mechanics there is usually a postural or muscle imbalance that plays a role in rotator cuff impingement. I am a PTA and have had to deal with many shoulder issues on myself after tearing the labrum in my shoulder and rehabbing it myself without surgery.

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